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From protecting soldiers from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to providing critical secure communications, CACI brings a full spectrum of powerful capabilities to bear on the modern battlefield. Our open, modular, and scalable precision electronic warfare technologies enable our forces to adapt to the pace of mission faster and defeat enemy threats. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to enhance productivity and accelerate data to decisions, and offer affordable next-generation network mod/sim products and solutions to help our customers operate effectively in a congested and contested cyberspace domain. CACI's trusted solutions in EW, counter UAS (C-UAS), AI/ML, cyber, spectrum management, and SIGINT ensure customers are mission ready. 

CACI is your mission partner for global enterprise IT support and services to advance enterprise service delivery transformation for end users. And we provide global mission support integrating coalition command and control decision making capability and the future of secure global communications architecture across inter-operable domains.  

Visit us at Booth 1812 to learn more about CACI's expertise and technology for national security. To schedule a meeting to learn more about any of our capabilities, email [email protected].

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Award-Winning C-UAS Technology Reliably Detects, Identifies, and Defeats Threats

CACI is an industry leader in developing, deploying, and integrating sophisticated counter-small unmanned aircraft system (C-sUAS) technologies. The globally-deployed CORIAN® and X-MADIS by Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT), a CACI Company, are further being developed by the Department of Defense's Joint C-sUAS Office for applications across the military. These unique solutions feature multiple form factors to detect, identify, track, and mitigate sUAS and their operators. These interoperable systems also integrate with multi-INT sensors as well with as kinetic fires. CACI’s C-sUAS form factors and capabilities include:

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CACI is delivering expertise and technology on a five-year single-award task order worth a potential $785 million for Special Operations Forces Emerging Threats, Operations, and Planning Support (SOFETOPS). CACI will provide the solutions
and professional services that will refine the interoperability, coordination, and synchronization between U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and its strategic partners. This support spans all domains including air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace, and encompasses all Special Operations Forces (SOF). While USASOC is the primary customer, strategic partners include U.S. Special Operations Command, all components, all theater special operations commands (TSOCs) and joint special operations commands (JSOCs). These services are for many tasks that include threat analysis, operational and tactical advisory support, training development and delivery, and Information Warfare (IW).

To learn more about CACI's work on SOFETOPS, contact John Towey.

Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Imaging Systems

CACI designs and manufactures multi-sensor, gyro-stabilized imaging systems for airborne, ground, and maritime applications that deliver superior daylight and thermal imagery for optimal situational awareness.

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Electronic Warfare Dominance Across All Domains 

Today’s threats require agile and flexible EW capabilities that evolve at the pace of mission. CACI delivers precision EW technology against adversary electromagnetic spectrum (EMS)-dependent systems. Our software-defined solutions are open, modular, and scalable, ensuring dominance across all domains. We provide innovative systems that employ AI/ML techniques to speed detection, identification, decision-making, and mitigation while reducing operator demands. We offer a range of world class technical security solutions for EW and EMS operations support, designed to help customers improve communications, protect intellectual property, secure information, and increase mission effectiveness.

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DarkBlue Intelligence Suite

Bluestone Analytics, a CACI Company, is the established leader in Dark Web exploitation and analysis. Our mission-focused technology suite, DarkBlue Intelligence, is coupled with analyst-led training and tailored services that empower customers to effectively operate within hidden portions of the information environment. We illuminate virtual ungoverned environments, enabling defense, security, and intelligence organizations to collect, structure, and prioritize complex data. DarkBlue delivers actionable intelligence and the ability to exploit threats and opportunities with safe, persistent, holistic access to target and track threat actors globally.

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Artemis is data analytics at scale   an all-in-one cloud-based solution with a unique analytic DNA that enables aggregation of data from endless sources. This capability was developed for the analyst, by the analyst, and provides a single platform for massive data analysis to search, organize, visualize, analyze, and collaborate – freeing analysts from repetitive workflows and accelerating the process of turning data into decisions.

Artemis is your single source to hunt for your needle in the needlestack.

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Extended Reality (XR) Expertise and Technology

CACI's extended reality (XR) technologies and cutting-edge collaboration solutions are redefining how modern military units train, maintain, and enable subject matter support to operations around the world. Our Remote Support Kit (RSK) offers industry-leading augmented reality (AR) expertise and state-of-the-art technology that provides secure, real-time, high-bandwidth communication to enable any kind of expert support. CACI's eXtended Reality Solutions Lab develops innovative visualization, virtualization, and risk mitigation technologies for our customers.

Digital Solutions

CACI transforms how government does business. Using our Agile-at-scale methodologies and deep customer understanding, we modernize applications, infrastructure, and business processes to enhance performance and increase end-user satisfaction. We use advanced data analytics and visualization tools to modernize access to data, enhance productivity, and translate data into decisions. Our solutions include:

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Enterprise IT

CACI provides global IT support and integrated service delivery that improves the end user experience, including design, strategy, operations, and continuous service improvement. Our agile approach puts users at the heart of all our solutions, enabling their performance, and delivering operational transparency across the enterprise. Our team is your mission partner – proactive and adaptable in rapidly changing IT environments. CACI is your mission partner for enterprise service delivery transformation for end users. 

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Model-Driven Design and Implementation (MDDI) Fosters System-of-Systems Interoperability

MDDI, CACI’s model-based systems engineering method, delivers dynamic digital engineering, prototyping, on-demand analysis, and verification.

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Space Systems and Technology

CACI delivers technology and support to launch, operate, and exploit systems in the space domain. Our unique solutions provide enhanced space situational awareness and decision support tools, allowing for more time and better options to protect the contested space domain. We lead large-scale software/platform modernization and rapid prototyping of tools and applications and our deep learning algorithms are integrated into data fusion, visualization, and analysis tools for real-time situational awareness. Our capabilities include:

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