Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS)

The CACI SkyTracker® Technology Suite is a C-UAS/counter-drone capability comprised of different form factors that is designed to exploit radio communications between aircraft and their controllers.

UAS activity from state and non-state aggressors and nefarious misuse poses an escalating threat to secure facilities, convoys, airports, military bases, critical infrastructure, and stadiums. Aggressors include terrorists and criminals, plane spotters, and threats by negligent hobbyists unaware of flight restrictions.

SkyTracker uses precision mitigation techniques to counter evolving threats and protect critical assets. This open-system architecture integrates with our current electronic systems baseline.

The SkyTracker Technology Suite is a modular and scalable system-of-systems with interoperable fixed site, on-the-move, and man-packable C-UAS form factors. Our technology is software-defined, easily configurable to customer requirements, and readily updated to enable new capabilities.

Modular Form Factors

CORIAN for Fixed Facilities

The CORIAN system provides fixed facility protection against UAS threats to warfighters and critical infrastructure. CORIAN detects, identifies, tracks, and mitigates UAS threats using precision neutralization techniques that ensure little to no collateral damage to the surrounding radio frequency (RF) spectrum and existing communications. CORIAN provides the largest detection and mitigation ranges and has many other unique capabilities that can be customized to fit a customer’s mission.

AWAIR® for On-the-Move Protection

The Automatic Warning of Aerial Intrusions and Response (AWAIR) system provides on-the-move force or facility protection against hostile UAS. The ruggedized, portable mobile platform leverages the CORIAN software baseline to precisely detect, identify, and mitigate UAS through various signal load sets along with a range of other threats configurable to customer requirements. The system can be easily deployed on a vehicle or marine vessel, providing both ground and maritime convoy protection.


BEAMTM Man-Packable C-UAS

CACI’s BEAM is the smallest man-packable C-UAS attack system with the longest detection and mitigation range currently available on the market. BEAM surveys the environment to enable deployed units to counter UAS, WiFi, range extenders, data links, analog/digital video, and other signals of interest, and is configurable to customer requirements. It can operate autonomously to deliver precision distributed attacks and it can provide rapid, responsive force protection capability in hostile environments. It integrates with additional BEAM and SkyTracker Technology Suite devices to provide modular, extended perimeter protection.


CACI experts integrate Electronic Warfare (EW) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) radio frequency systems to support SkyTracker’s detection, identification, and mitigation capabilities. Using Agile and DevSecOps methodologies, CACI delivers quick-reaction capabilities to meet the rising tempo of today's missions.


SkyTracker’s modular, scalable suite of systems creates geofencing with passive detection and active mitigation capabilities to establish a protective electronic perimeter around sensitive locations. The open architecture, modular systems are scalable to protect high-value assets and provide wide-area defense of airports, military bases, and areas under temporary flight bans, such as locations experiencing forest fires or natural disasters. The SkyTracker systems provide continuous, automated monitoring and readily integrate into existing command and control or security systems. CACI's software-defined architecture allows for quick adaptation to counter evolving threats. 

Accurately Locates UAS and Their Operators
SkyTracker's UAS detection, identification, and tracking suite uses UAS data links to precisely identify and locate aircraft flying in banned or protected airspace. SkyTracker has the capability to locate the ground controller, enhancing responders' ability to engage only those operators who are inadvertently or unlawfully misusing their aircraft. The SkyTracker system can also accurately geolocate the position of misused UAS, while differentiating them from other UAS in the same area.



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