Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS)

Inadvertent or unlawful misuse of small unmanned aircraft systems poses an escalating threat to public safety, including to airports, buildings, military bases, critical infrastructure, and stadiums. The SkyTracker® Technology Suite is a C-sUAS capability comprised of different form factors designed to exploit the radio communication between sUAS and their controller.

The SkyTracker Technology Suite is a modular and scalable system-of-systems, with interoperable fixed site, on-the-move, and man-packable C-sUAS form factors. Our technology is software-defined and readily updated to enable new capabilities. It uses precision mitigation techniques to counter evolving threats and protect critical assets.


CACI experts integrate signals intelligence (SIGINT) and radio frequency systems to support SkyTracker’s detection, identification, and mitigation capabilities. Using Agile and DevSecOps methodologies, CACI delivers quick-reaction capabilities to meet the rising tempo of today's missions.


SkyTracker’s passive detection capability creates an electronic perimeter boundary around sensitive locations that is superior to geofencing. The modular, scalable systems provide continuous, automated monitoring day or night and can integrate into existing command and control or security systems. The modular system protects high-value assets in locations surrounding government buildings, embassies, and stadiums. It is scalable to provide wide-area defense of airports, military bases, and areas under temporary flight bans, such as locations experiencing forest fires. 


Accurately Locates s-UAS and Their Operators
SkyTracker's s-UAS detection, identification, and tracking system uses s-UAS radio links to precisely identify and locate systems flying in banned or protected airspace. SkyTracker has the capability to locate the ground operator, enhancing responders' ability to engage only those operators who are inadvertently or unlawfully misusing their aircraft.


The SkyTracker system triangulates the position of misused s-UAS for accurate geolocation, while differentiating them from other s-UAS in the same area. CACI's software-defined technology means the system continually adapts to evolving threats.



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