The Next Evolution of Data Analytics

Modern data analysis offers the promise of using data for better, faster, more comprehensive decision-making. But as any analyst will tell you, the challenges to making good on that promise can be significant. Time consuming data collection and analysis processes, stove-piped systems, and lack of interoperability between data platforms and sources can keep that promise out of reach, or at least cumbersome. That is, until Artemis: the next evolution of data analytics by CACI. Artemis is your single source to hunt for your needle in the needlestack.

Artemis Expert

Developed by the Analyst for the Analyst

Artemis offers data analytics at scale and is developed from years of our experts’ research and development efforts with advanced data analytics. Our battle-tested technologies, real‐world approach, and ongoing end‐user collaboration has resulted in an agile, powerful tool for your data.

Artemis was developed by analysts for analysts – and provides a single platform for massive data analysis to search, organize, visualize, analyze, and collaborate. Our solution frees analysts from repetitive data manipulation tasks and stove-piped “toolbox” workflows, accelerating the process of turning data into decisions.


Artemis is a scalable, all-in-one cloud-based solution with a unique analytic DNA that enables it to aggregate data from endless sources.

CACI experts created this platform on the premise of user-centric and analyst-first interaction; Artemis will evaluate content to reveal what our customers are looking for and push alerts to the appropriate users in real time.

Additional features include:

  • Fills information gaps quickly and efficiently, identifies centers of gravity in your data, and informs decision makers
  • Integrates public, commercial, and proprietary streams of data out of the box
  • Offers a scalable architecture that speeds up searching, extracting, and organizational processes to present useful visualizations and enable critical decision-making

Artemis is the latest innovative technology developed by CACI to meet our customers’ most critical needs.

Artemis Software
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Artemis is a scalable cloud-based solution that helps customers analyze and make sense of massive datasets, using unique analytic DNA to aggregate data from endless sources.
To request a demo, contact:
Dr. Chris Nelson
Enterprise Application Solutions Account Manager


To purchase under GSA Schedule 70:

  • Visit the GSA Advantage website
  • Search for “Artemis-SaaS” (“Artemis” alone will not return results for the correct product)
  • Schedule for this work:
    • IT (Schedule 70) (CACI NSS, LLC)
    • Contract Number: GS-35F-349CA
    • Contract Period: 06/01/2015 - 05/31/2025

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