Electronic Warfare

Today’s threats require agile and flexible electronic warfare (EW) capabilities that evolve at the pace of mission. CACI delivers precision EW technology against adversary signals. CACI software-defined solutions are open, modular, and scalable, ensuring dominance across all domains.


CACI's field-tested team members inform our engineers as they innovate and develop mission-focused responses to strategic and tactical challenges. Our extensive expertise in the collection, processing, exploitation, and attack of analog and digital signals enables our customers to deliver integrated effects in contested environments.

We understand the DoD's need for modular, low size, weight, and power (low SwaP) solutions. Our teams use an integrated system-of-systems approach to development – rather than simply focusing on components – for more comprehensive delivery of effects.

The electro-magnetic environment is highly complex. Dominating the environment requires the integration of multiple capabilities. CACI is uniquely positioned to provide expertise that encompasses:

  • Data analytics
  • Digital signal processing
  • Signals intelligence
  • Direction finding
  • Counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS)
  • Artificial intelligence

Our innovative electronic warfare systems employ effects to defeat adversarial surveillance and reconnaissance, cellular, WiFi, command and control, and unmanned aircraft systems.

Our robust research and development teams create software-defined platforms and devices that can be delivered once and continuously updated with new EW capabilities. Our software updates deliver capabilities to the warfighter far faster than through traditional means.

We develop modular, scalable systems with automated layers of defense that employ artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques to speed detection, identification, decision-making, and exploitation. 

CACI’s software-defined EW solutions:

  • Are modular, open, and scalable
  • Can be configured to meet diverse mission requirements
  • Use a precision electronic attack mode to reduce probability of detection
  • Easily integrate new capabilities to stay ahead of evolving threats
  • Enable long- and short-range non-kinetic electronic attack and defense against various threats

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