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“Bold transformation will provide the Joint Force with the range, speed, and convergence of cutting-edge technologies that will be needed to provide future decision dominance and overmatch required to win the next fight."



General James C. McConville, Army Chief of Staff

In this current era of great power competition, the United States military is driving a convergence of technologies, information, capabilities, and expertise to accelerate decision cycles with speed and precision. 

To meet the demands of the National Defense Strategy (NDS), the Department of Defense (DoD) conception of Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) outlines priorities to collect data from any available sensors, and process that data with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to sense, understand, decide, act, and assess faster than an adversary can. The objective is to integrate sensors, identify targets, and rapidly integrate effects by selecting the optimal kinetic or non-kinetic weapons to engage and produce desired effects. This raises the need for all U.S. military services to rapidly synchronize, combine, and integrate the application of kinetic and non-kinetic weapons systems simultaneously in service of joint force operations. The digitized battlefield of today and tomorrow is rapidly evolving, an evolution powered by technology and capabilities that leverage electronic warfare, cyber weapons, long-range missiles, hypersonic and directed energy weapons, and advanced air defenses designed to counter traditional U.S. military advantages.

Information dominance can only be achieved through a multi-domain approach where commanders engage in simultaneous operations with surprise, range, speed, and capability convergence that overmatches our adversaries. The DoD is embarked on a highly consequential journey to achieve this objective, and the Joint Staff is now driving JADC2 from concept to strategy with policies, doctrine, and joint requirements for technology and capability.  Although the Air Force is the designated executive agent for JADC2 technology development, each of the services has unique requirements within this overarching construct. 

Throughout our company’s history of enabling joint and coalition interoperability for intelligence, space, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum applications, CACI has shown it is uniquely aligned to enable JADC2.

Today, we lead development, implementation, deployment, and mission support for open standards including the All-Domain Overhead Cooperative Operations Joint Interface Control Document (AOCO JICD). With key linkages across the Intelligence Community (IC) and the U.S. military, CACI provides expertise and technology that enable the fusion of sensors and sensor data from the IC and all the military services into a unified network. This network securely and reliably connects sensors to shooters and supports command and control (C2) while it is contested in space, cyber, and across the electromagnetic spectrum.

CACI already provides collection and analytics at the tactical edge of operations that are enhanced with AI/ML and are fundamental to success in a converged C2/electronic warfare (EW)/cyber-defined battlespace. CACI’s sensing and analysis capabilities are integrated with surgical and cognitive non-kinetic fires (NKF) to dominate the battlespace information environment. We also provide the IC and the U.S. military with trained and ready analysts and technical expertise that accelerate the kill chain. CACI is informing the acquisition and development of solutions to gain information advantage while countering our nation’s adversaries’ ability to contest space, cyber, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

CACI has a unique history of providing precise target positioning information via advanced technology, including multi-domain sensor platforms used in the defense, security, and commercial sectors.  Additionally, CACI leverages its expertise with data integration into operational and strategic level C2 interfaces. CACI technologies also span EW, signals intelligence (SIGINT), cyberspace, terrestrial, aerial, and multi-orbit space-based communications.  CACI expertise has also advanced optical communications technology that facilitates resilient communications on unmanned aerial systems for range extension and multi-path connectivity. Our agile DevSecOps approach to enterprise and mission software and algorithm development provides solutions that allow warfighters to sense, make sense, and act with speed and precision. We’ve adapted commercial best practices for the DevSecOps needs of tactical weapons systems deployed on secure networks in contested environments and developed through DoD programs of record managed by program offices with limited resources.

Across CACI, we are already very involved in efforts to develop, mature, and operationalize JADC2. Our expertise and technology is assisting the Air Force in developing and delivering the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), which is designed to provide data to pass information across all domains. Additionally, the Army’s network modernization to enable JADC2 is being exercised in a learning campaign called Project Convergence. CACI expertise and technology will be demonstrated in this series of experiments to provide the Army a unified network with access to joint and coalition networks. The Navy’s Project Overmatch is intended to develop a new fleet architecture using AI and manned/unmanned teaming to enable distributed maritime operations. To support the overall JADC2 initiative, CACI has deployed naval distributed operations systems across surface, sub-surface, airborne, and ground platforms with seamless multi-level security interoperation across joint U.S. military, national, and coalition systems. With decades of experience supporting the highest priority customers in the IC and DoD communities, CACI is committed to realizing JADC2 as a critical component of our national security.



“Bold transformation will provide the Joint Force with the range, speed, and convergence of cutting-edge technologies that will be needed to provide future decision dominance and overmatch required to win the next fight."



General James C. McConville, Army Chief of Staff

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