CACI can help your organization adopt a DevSecOps mindset. CACI’s DevSecOps experts integrate security into the development lifecycle, leading to accelerated capability delivery, increased deployment frequency, automated risk categorization, and software updates and patches at the speed of mission.


CACI partners with our customers to infuse speed and agility into software delivery through implementation of DevSecOps. We understand how to help organizations adopt a DevSecOps culture - with expertise and solutions that lower the barriers to entry and build the integration, collaboration, and transparency that powers a successful DevSecOps implementation. Whether that's implementing DevSecOps processes across multiple networks and security domains, for enterprise resource planning implementations, or the development of enterprise and mission applications, our customers achieve authority to operate in days or weeks instead of months.


Effective DevSecOps shortens the development lifecycle by focusing on smaller, more frequent changes and reducing the number of handoffs between teams. This approach prioritizes the delivery of new features to end users, while shortening feedback loops and continually identifying and elevating constraints as candidates for remediation. Achieving DevSecOps is not a slow evolution to improved efficiency and agility – it is a revolutionary shift in culture and process.

Here’s just a few additional benefits of CACI’s DevSecOps expertise:

  • Automation of processes in adherence with data governance guidelines to deliver functionality at a higher velocity
  • Realization of efficiencies in cost and time savings, while also delivering new capabilities to end users faster, more securely, and reliably
  • Provision of compliant, secure software; a flexible, integrated, solution-oriented environment
  • Expertise and strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Docker, GitLab, Kubernetes, and other leading technology providers
  • Industry-leading Agile Solution Factory (ASF)
  • RMF Eagle risk management framework and automated STIG assessment solution.

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CACI has the expertise needed for successful, effective DevSecOps transformation and delivery at scale while complying with U.S. Government, Department of Defense and Intelligence Community (IC) milestone gates.

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Joseph Nicoletti
Technical Innovation Director
Tel: (703) 434-4393

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