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CACI’s advances in photonic technology and free-space optical (FSO) laser communications are improving the speed, efficiency, and security of many of our government’s most critical missions. Our Photonic Solutions Team is focused on developing the most advanced photonics-based capabilities, including optical modems and terminals, high-power sources for FSO communication, high-power sources for remote sensing applications, and systems for space exploration.

Photonic Solutions Team Engineers

CACI has been delivering FSO communications solutions to U.S. Government agencies for more than 20 years. Our multi-disciplinary team of physicists, material scientists, and optical, electrical, and mechanical engineers offer deep expertise on high-performance FSO communication capabilities for land, air, and space environments.

Our experts carry out extensive research and development to produce FSO capabilities for secure communications, battlefield search and identification, space exploration, autonomous vehicle operations, and more.

Using high-speed electro-optic modulator design, our technologies increase spectral efficiency by enabling dynamic tradeoffs between range and bandwidth. Our scintillation mitigation techniques deliver greater reliability across a wider range of conditions, enabling low probability of intercept (LPI) and low probability of detection (LPD) communications with lower size, weight, and power when compared with radio frequency (RF) capabilities.



Our LPI and LPD FSO technology enables highly secure communications in RF restricted or denied environments.

Optical carrier frequencies are 10,000 times higher than RF communications, meaning more data can be sent via FSO systems with lower size, weight, and power (SWaP) than comparable RF systems. Our FSO solutions include high-power optical amplifiers (HPOAs), laser transmitting and receiving, full optical modems, chip-scale photonics devices for reduced SWaP, and more. Our HPOAs, modems, terminals, and end-to-end systems include features such as:

  • Unique rare-earth-doped amplifier modeling capabilities
  • Nonlinear optical analysis for unmatched mission results
  • Custom packaging for space, airborne, and terrestrial missions

We also develop specialized lasers to enable remote-sensing solutions, allowing users to search and identify objects at long range with a lower likelihood of detection. Our long-range sensors allow more advanced spectroscopy, enhancing users’ ability to identify far-away objects. These specialized solutions also feature custom laser transmitters for light detection and ranging (LIDAR), remote chemical-sensing, targeting, and directed-energy applications.

Our photonic technology experts have also developed low-SWaP optical inter-satellite link (OISL) terminals – notably our Compact Intersatellite Communications and Data Link (CICADA™) terminal. Two CICADA variants, CICADA Ultra-Lite and CICADA E-1G, are now available.

CICADA Laser Communications Terminal
CACI’s advances in photonics technology are improving the speed, efficiency, and security of many of our government’s most critical present and future missions.
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