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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

CACI harnesses the latest research and development into the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence (AI) for the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Automation is a key customer priority, and CACI is breaking new ground in bringing this critical capability to the mission. By focusing on mission needs and pragmatic approaches, we embed advanced AI techniques within production-ready, cost-effective architectures capable of meeting evolving strategic and tactical needs. 


CACI uses deep learning technology to help our customers make decisions at the speed of mission. We build and deploy advanced analytics solutions to process a wide range of data, including cyber, signals, and computer vision information. Our AI experts can assist in object and anomaly detection and classification, natural language processing, unsupervised cyber defense, and entity extraction and linking. We have also employed machine learning and image processing algorithms to automate the tracking of objects of interest.

CACI experts help protect some of the largest government information networks, including by designing automated threat detection systems. Our team developed a solution to reduce the rate of false alarms and leverage neural networks to identify classes of behaviors for both known and novel threats with results that proved to be at least as accurate as the average human, but at a much faster rate of performance.

Deep Learning

CACI uses convolutional neural network architectures to execute data-driven deep learning projects with no intervention by developers and engineers. Our efforts in computer vision and image processing have yielded outstanding results, including large-scale automation of object detection and classification for our national security customers. Our solutions enable discovery of trends, variations in data, and anomalies to enable decision-making. They include alerts for analysts, as well as automated reporting.

For a defense customer, CACI developed a tool chain that can automate the creation of cyber sensors at the request of cyber warfighters. Each cyber sensor has a specific use, such as network security or user monitoring, and an associated data set. Using CACI-developed interfaces, cyber warfighters can train neural networks to improve unsupervised classification of very large data sets. That means they more quickly can detect threats to networks that might otherwise go undetected by human analysts.

By combining an intuitive user experience with the most advanced deep-learning techniques, CACI technology can provide the most effective analytic tools for your mission.

Sample Results

NetFlow Classification Top 5 Accuracy
NetFlow Classification Top 1 Accuracy
Average Human Accuracy Level, for comparison

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