Cybersecurity & Cyberspace Operations

Prepare, Defend, and Sustain the Mission and Enterprise

From cyber strategy and governance to risk mitigation and cyber hunt and response, CACI is advancing information protection superiority. We help customers prepare, defend, and sustain their enterprise and mission against cyber threats. Our research scientists and engineers in our Internet Research Lab are developing and deploying new technologies for cybersecurity and cyberspace operations. Our research and development (R&D) efforts enable mission technology for a range of difficult technical challenges in an era of converging cyber, electronic warfare (EW), and signals intelligence (SIGINT) operations. Our industry-leading cybersecurity lifecycle approach ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of networks, systems, and data. We protect our customers' future by securing it today.

Cybersecurity Expertise

CACI experts protect and safeguard critical data and help identify and defeat cyber threats. For more than two decades, we have performed targeted, national, and global path network analyses for U.S. Government agencies and supported the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense with more than 1,800 cyber and information assurance professionals. We work closely with our customers to architect and modernize security policy and use advanced analytics for elevated visibility into posture and risk mitigation. We use the latest advances in security and R&D to construct new cyber defenses for systems, cloud and network infrastructure, applications, and internet of things (IoT) sensors.

Our expertise includes:

  • Continuous diagnostics and mitigation of cyber threats
  • Accelerated authority to operate (ATO) lifecycle processes
  • Lifecycle vulnerability analysis and remediation
  • Security intelligence and analytics
  • Security operations center services
  • Natural language processing-driven active cyber defense missions
  • Full spectrum cyberspace operations
  • Cyberspace exploitation expertise
  • Computer forensic analysis
  • Technical targeting

CACI’s R&D labs allow us to work across the capability spectrum. We offer expertise in state-of-the-art cyber technologies and key adjacent technical areas such as software development, distributed computing, modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing. Examples of our technologies include:

  • Radio frequency-enabled and on-net cyberspace operations tools
  • Active cyber defense capabilities
  • Malware analysis tools
  • Automated testing tools
  • Cyber sensor generation and edge technologies
  • AI attack surface analysis
  • 5G network slicing and security
  • Deep static and dynamic code analysis
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)/industrial control system (ICS)/critical infrastructure (CI)/operational technology (OT) virtualization platform for modeling and simulation applied to cyber training for network defenders
  • Network security evaluations for mobile, ICS/SCADA, fixed, optical, and routed networks
  • High-fidelity modeling and simulation of networks for design, security analysis, training, and mission rehearsal
Cloud Cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity solutions proactively identify and remediate threats and vulnerabilities to mission-essential data, systems, and infrastructure. CACI’s hybrid cloud security capabilities enable secure, reliable access to data across the enterprise – out to the tactical edge of the mission. Our unique and specialized multi-domain security solutions deliver advanced capabilities to support classified operations and optimize mission-critical components, supporting faster, more reliable insights in the face of emerging threats. Our technologies and capabilities include:

  • Secure cloud computing and network architecture
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud security engineering
  • Cross-domain and multi-domain security
  • Mobile and endpoint protection

Our specialized cyber monitoring, cyber hunt, and simulation capabilities enable advanced and customized cybersecurity for the enterprise and unique customer missions. CACI’s advanced analytics and AI/ML tools accelerate threat detection to enable automated incident response. Our modeling and simulation environments are used for cyber research, training, testing, and network planning – to include IoT and 5G network technologies. We use network and security operations centers to provide a high level of transparency and real-time monitoring of cyber operations, helping improve mitigation and incident response.

Our tradecraft specializations and features include:

  • Security operations center services
  • Digital forensics and eDiscovery
  • Network reconnaissance and mapping solutions
  • Continuous diagnostics and mitigation
Cybersecurity Tradecraft
Enterprise Cyber Defense
CACI is at the forefront of cyber defense expertise and technology for enterprise IT. We assist customers with cyber strategy, governance and architecture, monitoring, threat identification, risk mitigation, and cyber hunt and response activities.
Enterprise Cyber Defense
CACI is at the forefront of cyber defense expertise and technology for enterprise IT. We assist customers with cyber strategy, governance and architecture, monitoring, threat identification, risk mitigation, and cyber hunt and response activities.

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