Space Operations and Resiliency

Predicting Outcomes. Protecting Space.

CACI understands the gravity of complex space missions. As space becomes a more contested domain, solutions are required to adapt to a more dynamic and rapidly evolving threat environment. With decades of experience in real-time satellite operations, mission planning, advanced data analytics, and data visualization tools, we develop groundbreaking space solutions, including tools for the space warfighter. We deliver technology and support to launch, operate, and exploit systems in the space domain. Our unique solutions predict outcomes, allowing decision-makers more time and better options for maneuvers and response.

Agile, Responsive Logistics and Launch Support

We provide complex mission planning from pre-launch mission flight analysis to on-console, day-of-launch management. Our planning tools enable real-time status checks from pre-flight fueling and system checkout through actual flight and space vehicle separation. Our mission tool suite can accommodate future launch systems, including small satellite constellations, with significantly reduced timelines.

Resilient, Modernized Enterprise Space Ground Solutions

CACI has decades of experience developing, operating, integrating, and sustaining space mission capabilities and ground infrastructure. We configure ground equipment and communication systems for real-time operations.

Our Agile development methodology includes highly automated testing to keep pace with evolving threats. As our customers seek to maintain mission operations during limited system availability, we’re able to deliver cybersecure, open-system mission frameworks and resilient, cloud-based solutions. We provide ongoing modernization of existing systems to ensure functionality of mission-critical components and to increase resiliency to reduce mission vulnerability.

Space Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2)

From infrastructure to 24/7 operational tools, CACI has the mission experience and defensive cyber capabilities to meet the mission needs of its customers and allow them to operate and maintain the space enterprise through a potential sustained attack. CACI’s real-time situational awareness, data analysis, and decision support tools provide commanders a distinctive edge in protecting the space enterprise against attack.

Intelligence Capacity for Space Enterprise

Mission operations personnel, analysts, and decision-makers must quickly characterize and respond to hostile actors attempting to affect or degrade U.S. space systems and capabilities. We use virtualized digital signals processing capabilities and employ multiple-theater collection sensors, exploitation, and analytics efforts to deliver intelligence in near real-time. Our intelligence fusion, visualization, and analysis tools rapidly identify, catalog, and analyze objects and activity in the space environment to advance situational awareness and inform decisions.

Due to the growing number of data sources and the complexity of the mission, we integrate deep learning algorithms into our tools and applications to reduce mission timelines. As the global threat evolves, CACI is migrating data and tools into the cloud for broader access and improved performance.

Mission Management Tools

CACI helps customers reliably plan complex missions from pre-launch to day of launch. Our mission management tools enable real-time status checks from pre-flight fueling through space vehicle separation. Our real-time situational awareness, data analysis, and early-warning decision support tools provide a distinctive edge in protecting the space enterprise against attack.

Simulation and Software Development

When the crew of the International Space Station conducts their spacewalks, they follow carefully planned steps and use virtual reality (VR) simulations to practice in advance. The VR systems and 3-D graphics they use are developed and supported by CACI engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston.

We developed a spacecraft docking system simulation and an analytical software tool that enables rapid, high-fidelity modeling of how multiple spacecraft systems interact during intricate docking maneuvers.

CACI engineers create the core software technology behind the avionics and electronic equipment onboard spacecraft. A complex component of any spacecraft, software affects every spacecraft system, including those responsible for providing the onboard environment that supports and protects astronauts.

We support NASA throughout the entire spacecraft lifecycle. Our teams are brought in at the early conceptual stages help ensure space vehicles are designed to perform as planned. Once vehicles are in use, our system engineers provide sustainment engineering to support and resolve any issues that arise, or to deliver a redesign for parts or components no longer in use.

CACI has several decades of experience sustaining, operating, and developing capabilities to enable the space and intelligence missions.
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