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IT and security

Today’s national security requires modern application systems, and our most vulnerable access points, such as our physical borders, need leading-edge technologies and expertise to defend against the threats we face now and tomorrow.

CACI develops and modernizes over 100 programs and applications used by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This program includes cloud migration, data analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and Agile methodologies to automate processes and empower CBP’s end-users to manage their workloads and capacities more efficiently.

“Keeping our nation safe at its borders and access points requires us to be faster and smarter than the adversaries actively working to harm our nation,” said Mike Hill, technical architect with CACI. “CACI outpaces the bad actors through custom and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications that unlock enterprise-wide efficiencies. It’s more than just technology upgrades or refreshes; it’s about modernizing the mission through responsive and proactive IT operations and services.”

Modern Platform for Modern Solutions

CACI has supported CBP’s IT modernization mission for three years, making mission operations more effective through improved IT capabilities and processes. A little while after CACI started its work, CBP decided against renewing its agreement with its previous IT service management (ITSM) provider.

“This was abrupt and could’ve been really intimidating, but we gave them a solution that vastly improved their workforce,” Hill said.

CACI responded in turn by coordinating the transition to ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to modernize their processes through digital workflows. CACI has even implemented the ITSM internally to streamline workflow and empower employees to rapidly get work done.

CACI assisted our customer with the ServiceNow implementation within a rapid 90-day timeline to ensure no loss of capability for the customer’s workforce.

“These kinds of disruptions can have wide-sweeping impacts on end-users, so we knew going in that we had to be quick to keep the mission going, which ultimately keeps our nation safe,” Hill said.

Navigating licensing

Licensing is often a sticky activity that can be difficult to navigate. CACI is no stranger to these troubled waters and knows that successfully steering through rocky discussions can be the dealbreaker on securing the systems needed to effectively meet our customers’ missions.

CACI boasts seasoned experts who can assist clients through licensing discussions to ensure our customers are getting the most value out of their services. CBP needed a steady guide to know what features and functionalities were needed, how to take full advantage of the ITSM modules, and what choices would be the best fit for their mission.

“CACI has the expertise to understand how our clients’ needs align with the vendors’ capabilities,” Hill said.

Vast Partner Network

Team CACI values our partnerships and leverages the collective expertise that the team provides to bring the best technology and domain expertise to our customers. We value small businesses and the tremendous lift they bring to the myriad of customers they support with us. Partners in our small business network successfully assisted in delivering CBP IT service management, IT asset management, and custom application development technologies to advance the agency's modernization mission.

Broader Applications

CACI knows that each mission is unique in various ways, but many missions face the same challenges, especially when it comes to IT modernization. Based on the CBP’s success with this program, CACI is poised to apply the program’s successes to other organizations across the federal government, especially as other agencies look to enhance their networks, end-user services, and computing platforms.

“We want to eliminate the stovepiped silos that complicate IT modernization and, instead, open the door for improved processes,” Hill said. “CACI’s experts accelerate our customers’ journey to digital modernization by helping them realize how new and emerging technologies unlock mission efficiency and mission success.”

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Enterprise IT as a Service (EITaaS)


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