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Mission Support

The U.S. boasts the most powerful military in the world. Our budget, manpower, and strength is the greatest across land, sea, air, and beyond. So what does it mean when Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson says, “The nation needs a more powerful Navy”? Or when Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark Milley says, “The United States, as a global power, has to have a wide variety of tools in its kitbag”?

For CACI, it means the solutions and services we offer our national security customers are more important than ever.

Solutions for Evolving Missions

Our technical experts are developing innovative multi-dimensional solutions and services that incorporate new technologies and operational concepts. These will address the increased speed, complexity, and competition across threat environments that are constantly evolving as both the world and warfare change.

CACI recognizes the need for dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum and provides a soldier-wearable, software-defined sensor system that equips troops with electromagnetic battlespace awareness and electronic attack capabilities. We remain at the forefront of the role of drones and robotics, with our SkyTracker™ unmanned aircraft systems detect and defeat solution.

To improve the speed and ease with which our customers synthesize information at the tactical and operational level, CACI is focused on cognitive computing, behavior-based detection and analytics, and big data analytics. We deliver rapidly iterative and agile approaches for acquisition processes that are key to national security. As space becomes an integrated part of our national infrastructure and a rapidly contested operating environment, we are providing solutions to support critical space assets.

Accelerating Transformation for Government Customers

CACI solutions and services help customers across the federal government anticipate and address their rapidly evolving needs. CACI’s forward-thinking approach empowers customers in enterprise IT, logistics and material readiness, investigation and litigation support, health, and business systems. We understand our customers’ needs to modernize systems and processes, and our solutions and services have been proven to enhance productivity, cost efficiencies, and long-term performance.

CACI recognized the strategic shift to cross-domain dominance early on. Going forward, to empower our customers to retain the freedom to attack and the freedom from attack in and through all domains, CACI will serve as a trusted asset in integrating systems, capabilities, and operations to maximize the synergies that generate simultaneous, synchronized effects on land, at sea, and in the air, space, and cyberspace – all while defending the homeland.

SkyTracker is a trademark of CACI

Mission Support

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