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All-Domain Sensing: Enabling Long-Range Speed and Precision

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Situational awareness and speed to action are critical to mission success on the battlefield. It’s not enough to fire effects fast and far. We must have a clear view of the operational environment to confidently make a decision in the first place, as quickly and efficiently as necessary.

The demands of today's global landscape, where threats and technology are evolving rapidly, mean that a step change is needed. The days of siloed intelligence gathering must end. Maintaining our long-term advantage requires collecting, processing, and disseminating vast amounts of data from diverse sources, such as terrestrial sensors, aerial platforms, and space-based assets, all in real time.

We must provide our warfighters with the holistic view they deserve—one that seamlessly integrates data from land, air, sea, space, and cyberspace. This is possible with all-domain sensing and the Army leadership clearly understands the task ahead is challenging and complex.

 The Army can now shoot farther than we can see organically 

BG Bernard J. Harrington
Commander, 1st MDTF

The All-Domain Challenge

The Army recognizes the critical role of all domain sensing in achieving dominance across the battlespace, and the development and deployment of such solutions is now a high priority focus area for the Department of Defense (DOD).

Connecting vast amounts of cross-domain data and delivering it as timely, context-specific information to decision-makers requires advanced, complex technology and deep expertise in managing and converging multi-intelligence (multi-INT) sensors in modular mission payloads.

Positioned with Solutions Across Domains

CACI is uniquely positioned to empower the Army and the Joint Force to achieve dominance across all domains. With a proven track record of delivering solutions to the DOD and the intelligence community, CACI brings a wealth of expertise and technology to the table. Our solutions include:

  • System of Systems (SoS) Sensor Integration: CACI possesses the knowledge and experience to develop and integrate a vast array of sensor types. From signal intelligence to electronic warfare, cyber, ground-based radars, tactical UAV optics and next-generation satellite constellations, our experts can enable rapid integration of multi-INT sensing capabilities.
  • Open Standards for Interoperation: CACI is a leading developer of open standards and reference implementations for interoperation of joint, national, and coalition sensors. This expertise enables the Army to seamlessly access sensing capabilities deployed by DOD, intelligence, and multi-national forces.
  • Advanced Data Fusion and Analytics: Extracting actionable insights from a sea of data is paramount. CACI's advanced data fusion and analytics capabilities transform raw sensor feeds into a comprehensive picture of the battlespace. Machine learning algorithms identify patterns, predict enemy movements, and highlight potential threats, empowering commanders to make informed decisions faster.
  • Secure and Scalable Communications Infrastructure: The ability to share real-time intelligence across various echelons is critical. CACI provides secure, high-bandwidth communication solutions for seamless data exchanges between deployed troops, command centers, and national intelligence agencies.
  • Convergence of Effects: The true power of all domain sensing lies in its ability to orchestrate a unified response. Our expertise in command-and-control systems allows the Army to leverage the combined intelligence picture to direct long-range precision fires and effects across all domains — land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace — with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Be Ready for the Future of Defense

The race for all-domain dominance is on. The Army is taking the steps to meet and overcome this challenge, and the experts and leaders at CACI are well-positioned to assist this endeavor. As the support provider for the signals database for the entire US intelligence community, CACI has worked diligently to earn its reputation as a proven and trusted partner. With a track record that goes back decades, the company’s engineers and other technologists bring know-how and experience in sensing and systems that are difficult to match.

From sensor integration and data fusion to secure communications and effects convergence, it is our mission to empower the modern service member with the tools they need to operate with unprecedented speed, precision, and effectiveness. Because whether you’re determining how to respond to an incoming threat or an over-the-horizon issue, readily available and actionable knowledge means everything.

Your potential is limitless.
So is ours. 

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