Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Organizations need their supply chains to be efficient, reliable, and as dynamic as the missions they support. CACI implements, sustains, and modernizes the enterprise resource planning (ERP) supply chain systems and applications our customers rely on to bring modernization and agility across the enterprise and to the tactical edge. From humanitarian and operational medicine to maintenance needs, we deliver modernization at the speed of mission.


CACI brings domain expertise, agility, and transparency in the delivery of mission-essential systems for the enterprise and at the tactical edge. CACI's advanced analytics and operations dashboards provide transparency into operational status, areas for efficiency improvement, and performance measures. Our approach amplifies our ability to sustain applications and systems, and then rapidly deliver the modernization that advances capabilities for the dynamic environments and critical missions we support. We deliver transparency to the last tactical mile.


We leverage the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation to help our customers succeed. We improve performance, secure systems, develop new capabilities, deliver efficiencies, and improve the effectiveness of the systems and applications enabling our customers’ missions. Our integrated solutions, operations dashboards, industry-leading Agile Solution Factory (ASF), and DevSecOps processes drive modernization and agility across the enterprise and to the tactical edge.

CACI is helping our customers succeed.

CACI helped modernize and improve the operations and maintenance (O&M) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Agency for International Development’s food acquisition and distribution system supporting 310 million people in 46 countries. We supported the development of operational logistics systems for more than 1,000 afloat and ashore sites and 150,000+ daily users across the combatant navy, the civilian mariners (Military Sealift Command), and the U.S. Coast Guard; and are leading the modernization and O&M of the U.S. Marine Corps' logistic system processing 2.25 million daily transactions.

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Bringing Modernization and Agility to the Tactical Edge

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