Electronic Warfare Solutions

Today’s threats require agile and flexible electronic warfare (EW) solutions that evolve at the pace of mission. CACI’s technology greatly reduces the probability of detection and enables integrated fires.

Our innovative electronic warfare systems employ effects to defeat adversarial surveillance and reconnaissance, cellular, WiFi, command and control, and unmanned aircraft systems.

With user-centered interfaces, the suite of systems scales from backpackable configurations to large-scale installations in our SkyTracker® product suite of counter-sUAS solutions.

CACI’s EW solutions:

  • Can be configured to meet diverse mission requirements
  • Use a precision electronic attack mode to reduce probability of detection
  • Easily integrate new capabilities to stay ahead of evolving threats
  • Enable long- and short-range non-kinetic electronic attack and defense against various threats

For more information, contact the Electronic Warfare Initiatives Team.

Backed by industry-leading cyber, electronic
warfare, and signals intelligence experience and
expertise, CACI is answering the challenge of
today’s modern battlespace.