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Discover. Pursue. Engage.

Finding and analyzing data on the open, deep, and dark web shouldn’t require learning complex tools. Accelerate your processes with DarkBlue,® a cutting-edge intelligence platform designed to revolutionize how analysts perform OSINT on all layers of the web.

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The Dark Blue Difference

Accelerate Your Investigations

With its intuitive UI that's integrated with AI and ML capabilities, our platform enables you to jump the learning curve traditionally associated with dark web investigations.

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Uncover Hidden Identities

Leverage our powerful deanonymization and AI-empowered technology to gain insights on the identities behind monikers and other selectors related to personas of bad actors.

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Tailor Your Data Collections

Take control of data collection by locating what matters most using a platform that preserves all collected data so you can effectively spot connections and patterns.

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Explore with Decreased Risk

Easily and safely investigate on the open, deep, and dark web with DarkPursuit, which provides unique tools that can limit your exposure.

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Leverage Innovative OSINT Solutions

We’re dedicated to cultivating partnerships that harness the power of AI-enhanced OSINT data to deliver holistic, actionable threat intelligence. Our strategic relationships with industry leaders empower you with cutting-edge technologies and operations to uncover and analyze complex digital threats.

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Enhance DarkBlue with additional functionalities and features:

DarkPursuit: Securely Explore the Depths of the Web
Eliminate your exposure when browsing the open, deep, and dark web with DarkPursuit, a browser-based SaaS solution in a single-session OSINT toolbox that provides access to a range of dark nets and the internet with a single click and ensures local browser information is never passed on to adversaries.

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Mission Spaces: Elevate Your Data Visualization Experience
Experience an elevated level of data visualization related to your project with custom-curated dashboards thoughtfully enhanced with tailored AI solutions, simplifying complex information and empowering your decision-making process.

DarkBlue Data Feeds: Seamlessly Integrate Darknet Data
Elevate your technology stack's capabilities and gain a competitive edge by effortlessly integrating cutting-edge AI-enhanced data using our API, delivering invaluable insights from sources across the open, deep, and dark web.

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Experience the DarkBlue Difference

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