IT (Schedule 70) - CACI NSS, Inc.


CACI acquired L-3 NSS in February 2016. This schedule has options through 5/31/2035. There are multiple products on this schedule that are owned by L-3 (non-NSS). The acquisition Master Service Agreement stipulates how to handle those sales.

The Schedule company name was changed from L-3 NSS to CACI NSS.

The Schedule has 80 labor categories with contractor and client site rates. 11 of the 80 labor categories are designated as SCA.

The schedule base period rates include escalation.

SIN 132-41 Earth Observation Solutions was added to the Schedule and has 33 EOS specific Labor Categories

SIN 132-56 Health IT Services was added to the Schedule and has 37 Health specific Labor Categories

SIN 70-500 Order-Level Materials (OLMs) was added to the Schedule

Contract Details
CACI Contract Holder CACI NSS, Inc.
Customer General Services Administration (GSA)
Elligible Buyers

All Federal Agencies, other specified activities and agencies

DUNS Number 08-017-5220
Special Item Numbers


Advantages of using the GSA IT Schedule

  • Broad range of Information Technology Services
  • Delivery Order processing time under control of customer and CACI
  • Minimal paperwork - low contract administration
  • No RFP, IFB or FedBizOpps synopsizing requirements for agencies
  • GSA e-Buy, an online RFQ tool, is available to all customers and satisfies the requirements of Section 803, Defense Authorization Act, relating to "fair opportunity"
  • Competitive rates with small Industrial Funding Fee already built in

How to Order

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)
  • Delivery Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Task Orders
  • Period of performance
  • Deliverable items
  • Security requirements
  • SOW (performance-based SOW recommended)
A written order (e-mail, mail or fax), EDI (GSA Advantage!TM) and credit card orders shall be the basis for purchase in accordance with the provisions of this contract. In the case of BPAs telephone orders are permissible.
  • Determine suitability of use of the GSA Office, Imaging and Document Solutions Schedule
  • Develop a SOW in agency format, identifying agency points of contact for technical and contractual matters
  • Specify period of performance, identify any special requirements, such as security or classification, identify funding and coordinate within agency, as required
  • E-mail, mail or fax SOW to CACI’s GSA Ordering Office
  • Review response from CACI, clarify any issues
  • Place order with the CACI GSA Ordering Office using agency order for supplies and services (e-mail, mail or fax), EDI or credit card
  • Pay any invoices monthly

Points of Contact

Ted Buford
Program Manager
Tel: 703-679-4177
William Mickler
Business Ops Manager
Tel: 703-679-3866
Lauren Holmes
Contracts Manager
Tel: 703-679-3412
Contract Number
Contract Period
06/01/2015 - 05/31/2020, with three available five-year option periods