NetGo LTE Network


Quickly Deployable Private LTE Networks

Secure, reliable networks are critical to successful government and commercial operations around the world. CACI’s NetGo LTE deployable and private cellular “network in a box” enables secure, high-bandwidth communications anytime, anywhere.

NetGo Portable LTE Network

Secure, reliable networks are critical to successful government and commercial operations around the world. Whether customer operations exist in a remote location or the existing communications infrastructure has been compromised by disaster, terrorist attack, or armed conflict, CACI’s NetGo ensures the connectivity and security of your cellular network will continue uninterrupted.

A quickly deployable and private cellular LTE “network in a box,” NetGo (pictured to the left) enables secure, high-bandwidth communications at any time and in any location, regardless of the state of existing telecommunications infrastructure. A man-portable system, NetGo can be set up in minutes with minimal training. With a simple switch of a subscriber identity module (SIM) card on any modern mobile device for a NetGo SIM card, the NetGo system provides a fully controllable network that can provide coverage up to a kilometer away.


CACI’s cellular network technology experts have eliminated the need for extensive cellular expertise to set up and administer the NetGo solution. A streamlined LTE configuration and NetGo SIM card provisioning means that a secure network can be set up via an easy-to-use portal in the field or in an office prior to departure. By connecting a laptop to an Ethernet port on the NetGo hardware, a user is guided through a secure system configuration process. Other features that improve usability include:

  • Customized network accessibility
  • Customized network range
  • Automated channel selection

NetGo features a complete LTE network inside of a 310 x 310 x 101 mm environmentally-certified enclosure, with numerous optimized features such as voice over LTE, short message service text messaging, video teleconferencing, and other secure features – all without outside connections. Some of NetGo’s technical specifications and features include:

  • A two by two multiple input multiple output (MIMO) 3GPP Release 14 eNodeB base station
  • A field-programmable network among six common global LTE frequency division duplex bands: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8
  • Transmitter output power of 30 dBm per antenna port (with two on each NetGo system)
  • Maximum bandwidth of 20 MHz, resulting in up to 150 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink to each of 32 end user devices
  • Operating temperature range of 32-113 degrees Fahrenheit (0-45 degrees Celsius) in an IP67 enclosure
  • Powered by 12 volt DC
  • NetGo runs on an evolved packet core framework, using a low-power single board computer

For more information about NetGo, contact:

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