Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for Government

CACI delivers industry-leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), DevSecOps, Machine Learning, and Big Data solutions to transform our customers’ Information Technology environments while accelerating their mission-essential capabilities. CACI has planned and performed hundreds of cloud migrations across all data classification levels, working in tandem with customers to develop secure and efficient cloud architectures while adhering to all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Microsoft Cloud for U.S. Government provides a private, dedicated, and isolated instance of Microsoft Azure that meets federal agency and Department of Defense requirements for data security, privacy, and compliance. CACI is authorized to provision, integrate, and support secure environments on Microsoft Cloud for Government.

Azure Government provides hybrid flexibility, comprehensive compliance, and superior protection, built exclusively for U.S. government customers to improve agency collaboration, transparency, and sustainability while gaining efficiencies and cost savings across departments.