Excellence+ Program

Excellence Plus
Excellence Plus

Excellence+ Program

The Excellence+ Program offers our customers a chance to relay feedback, early and easily. We strive for performance that is beyond excellent and employ the Excellence+ Program as our customer voice and satisfaction tool. It is one of CACI's processes for continuously improving the quality of our products and services. The information collected allows our program teams and executives to ensure we are delivering the quality of service customers expect. 


CACI's Customer Satisfaction Mission

Guided by CACI's vision to be the best, Excellence+ relays the customer's perspective of our strengths and weaknesses to our program teams and their management, thus positioning CACI to provide superior products and services. We accomplish this by:

  • Completing closed loop assessments
  • Tailoring surveys towards specific areas of interest
  • Serving as CACI's unique risk management tool
  • Integrating data from CACI corporate sources to analyze performance trends

Structured, Impartial Feedback

Excellence+ assessments provide customers with a structured and impartial means of giving feedback to the program team and CACI leadership. Results are used to identify best practices or improvement opportunities and highlight stellar performance of CACI team members.

Anytime Email

Customers may submit compliments, concerns, or general feedback to the Customer Satisfaction mailbox. This input will be reviewed and assigned for appropriate action. Customers receive confirmation that their message was received, as well as information on actions taken or planned.


For additional information, contact:


Joanna Patterson
Vice President

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