Enabling Secure Multi-Agency Collaboration through Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Solutions
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Enabling Secure Multi-Agency Collaboration through Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Solutions

Imagine this – An emergency task force is convened to work on a highly critical and time sensitive classified mission. Task force members include personnel from multiple U.S. Government agencies. Information sharing and collaboration is essential for mission success, with real-time updates flowing from a variety of sources, devices, and locations. Task force members need access to this information quickly and securely, while preserving “need to know” access controls and preventing insider-threat; can your organization keep your data secured while ensuring the right people have access when they need it?


ICAM Expertise


Scenarios like this are the day-to-day reality for the Intelligence Community (IC). From emerging situations and long-range task forces to regular operations and exercises, information collaboration is critical to support the IC’s mission. Organizations must consider multiple factors simultaneously:

  • Information must be quickly accessible and compartmentalized based on classification and “need to know” access
  • Participants must rely on their infrastructure to keep their data secured, and organizations must rely on stringent access control to isolate access to data for the mission only
  • Data owners need the ability to establish simple and fine-grained access controls to define who can access what data, and under what conditions
  • Mission partners may not always be in a secured location, and partners may have varying levels of clearance to access highly classified data
  • Mission partners must also protect against unauthorized access to and modification of sensitive data.

Whatever the mission is, the need is the same – enable collaboration across multiple agencies while sharing and securing critical mission information.

That’s where CACI’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) solutions come into play. Our experts have developed ICAM technology solutions to enable collaboration among IC agencies and other organizations in a fast-paced environment while maintaining positive control over their data. Our industry leading Agile Solution Factory (ASF), combined with our SecDevOps processes drives efficiencies and offers scalable solutions for every mission. Learn more about Agile for IC.



ICAM Technology


Our industry-leading ICAM solutions enable organizations to grant access on very granular levels, including the ability to isolate data by location, clearance, date, or device that the data is being accessed from. This isn’t your standard role-based or discretionary access control – it brings a much more robust level of control applied to attributes of data in support of operations worldwide. ICAM technology solutions operate much like zero trust solutions and in fact are part of zero trust – there is a decision engine to enable people or systems to have access to data based on a very fine grain set of access security policies and rules.

Our experts have designed ICAM solutions that easily integrate identities and attributes from multiple participating organizations, without requiring additional user accounts or domain or forest trusts. We enable integration with a variety of client and web-based applications, such as Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint, Apache/Tomcat, data stores like Oracle, MySQL, and SQL. Our solutions have been designed to be able to run on any environment, from on-premise to C2S and Commercial Cloud.

ICAM solutions have woven attribute-level security into the fabric of the IC’s missions for many years. CACI has more than a decade of experience providing access control technology solutions for multi-agency initiatives. Our experts understand the nature of the IC’s mission, are experts on ICAM access control technologies, and help guide our customers on how to enable mission collaboration securely.



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