Mega 5


The MEGA 5 contract is a competitively awarded vehicle with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for purposes of providing information technology and automated litigation support services to DOJ offices, boards and divisions as well as other federal government agencies. The contract period of performance is 12/1/20-5/31/27 and has an estimated value of $1.5B.

Eligible Buyers

  • U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Divisions
    • Antitrust
    • Civil
    • Civil Rights
    • Criminal
    • Environment and Natural Resources
    • Tax
    • Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys
  • Other DOJ components
  • Other federal government agencies

Scope of Work

Litigation support encompasses a wide range of professional services and products that help attorneys acquire, organize, develop and present evidence throughout the course of litigation, from pre-filing investigation, through complaint, discovery and trial, to post-trial briefs and the appeals process.

Using professional litigation support services and advanced tools for litigation support, the litigating attorney can better utilize evidence and information to win or settle lawsuits. Professional litigation support products and services enable the litigator to control and manage much larger volumes of case material, and much more complex information - much more quickly and to greater effect than would be otherwise possible.

Document Acquisition Document Acquisition

  • Research, identify, review and select relevant documents and other materials - including electronic data, files and records - locally and in the field
  • Organize documents
  • Number documents
  • Create box or file level indices
  • Capture document images
  • Copy documents
  • Prepare documents for production

Database Creation

  • Review documents for relevance
  • Perform level of treatment analysis and develop vocabulary control and other indexing tools
  • Document coding/data entry
  • OCR documents
  • Load, update and maintain databases
  • Perform information analysis and database design
  • Set up and implement databases
  • Set up and implement web hosting (OMEGA) applications
  • Develop and document procedures as well as prepare database design and document coding documentation

Electronic Data Acquisition and Production

  • Extract and convert data and data files
  • Perform digital forensic preservation, collection, examination and analysis
  • Receive, analyze and process electronic files, including email files and other files in their native formats as well as digital image files, including load-ready data and image files
  • Digitize audio and video tapes
  • Perform automated and manual screening of files to identify relevant or priority material
  • Analyze and report from a wide variety of data and formats received as a result of production from government and non-government sources
  • Assist in the production of electronic data to opposing counsel

Database Utilization

  • Perform searches and produce reports
  • Train and assist government staff
  • Provide help desk support for a variety of equipment configurations and software packages, including user training
  • Prepare end user manuals
  • Create tools to assist end users and other system users
  • Maintain databases

Pre-Trial and Trial Support

  • Identify, lease, equip and staff document center facilities, both locally and in the field
  • Administer, operate and maintain equipment and other resources in support of litigation
  • Provide discovery, pre-trial and trial support as needed such as exhibit preparation, courtroom presentation assistance, courtroom/interview audio/visual services, PC support and graphics support
  • Provide support to trial attorney staff in preparing filings for submission
  • Perform legal and factual research
  • Provide trial site support, including setting up trial site support facilities
  • Develop document center procedures manuals and case specific procedures
  • Provide courtroom presentation support, including equipment for in-courtroom presentation
  • Provide staff for assisting the trial attorneys in developing graphics and scripting their presentations
  • Provide in-courtroom staff for operating presentation equipment

Specialized Professional Services Specialized Professional Services

  • Provide professional language translation and interpretation, auditing and accounting services, statistical analysis and modeling, medical records review
  • Provide other consulting services requiring particular industry or subject matter expertise


The Team consists of companies whose combined experience in information technology and management uniquely qualifies us to meet the requirements of this contract. As the prime, CACI provides its leadership as a systems integrator, applications developer, problem solver and innovator to this team. We draw upon more than 40 years experience serving the Department of Justice clients and more than 55 years of experience serving DoD and other federal customers to understand and address the challenges facing your organization.

The Team includes the prime contractor - CACI - and subcontractors who provide the following types of services:

  • Auditing and Accounting Services
  • Document Processing Services
  • Electronic Files Processing and Electronic Discovery Services
  • Energy Consulting
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Forensic Services
  • IT Support
  • Language Translation and Interpretation
  • Photocopying
  • Software Development
  • Trial Support

Ranked 12th on Washington Technology's list of Top 100 Federal Prime Contractors for 2020, CACI applies advanced information technology to support our clients vital missions. We offer cost effective and forward looking solutions including systems integration capabilities to enhance existing systems as well as develop new systems and applications. Our OMEGA Web Portal provides enhanced data collection and analysis capabilities, increased responsiveness, improved communications and better collaboration features that help attorneys work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

CACI provides high quality, full service litigation support products and services as well as the capability to support any case/project of any size or complexity. Our unmatched experience combined with our technical prowess ensures cost effective solutions that are aligned to specific needs.

A number of tools are available through our OMEGA Portal that provide our processing pipeline with increased automation, accessibility, tracking, metrics and workflow capabilities. These allow us to provide faster, more accurate and flexible solutions.

Other tools include our Advanced Electronic File Processing (EFP) for forensics, searching, e-discovery and e-conversion with online review capabilities. Trial support tools and products such as TrialDirector, CaseMap and Sanction as well as our new enhancements such as automated exhibit stickering, real time exhibit tracking and portable document/tracking database capabilities are available as well.

Our objectives under the Mega 5 contract are:

  • Deliver products and services, faster, more efficiently - with high quality at a lower cost
  • Leverage tools and technologies to save time and money while improving efficiency
  • Improve our level of service to meet our customer needs now and in the future

The award of the Mega 5 contract affirms CACI's leadership in providing information technology and mission critical services to the justice community. In applying the benefits of technology, we continue to provide our clients with higher levels of quality and performance. We leverage our innovative tools and processes to continue to improve our successful record of performance - delivering quality and customer satisfaction.

Our customers know that our ongoing investment in process improvement, technology, management resources and equipment and facilities enables us to deliver consistently high quality, low cost products and services to meet their evolving challenges.

Points of Contact

Kyle Fritts
Executive Director
Tel: 703-403-7177
Contract Number
Contract Period
12/01/2020 - 05/31/2027