Encore III


This Encore III contract provides technical solutions for the Department of Defense (DoD) in support of its migration to an integrated and interoperable Global Information Grid (GIG), as well as other federal agencies having similar Information Technology migration and integration needs. The Encore III contracts represent an ongoing expansion of the Defense Information System Agency's (DISA) Defense Enterprise Information Services (DEIS) I and DEIS II contracts, and Encore follow-on contracts.

This is an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract against which it is planned to award Firm Fixed Price (FFP) and Cost Reimbursement (CR) type task or delivery orders.

The objective of this contract is to provide global net-centric capabilities, attributes or services under multiple award, ID/IQ task order type contracts that support the military services, the DoD and other federal agencies. DISA actively facilitates the migration of information systems and common, standard data into an integrated and interoperable GIG that supports the Department's Joint Vision 2020 (JV2020) concept. DoD is transitioning from a collection of stovepipe systems and architectures to an integrated and interoperable environment.

The Encore III contract has 19 scope areas:

  • Performance Area 1 – Enterprise IT Policy and Planning
  • Performance Area 2 – Integrated Solutions Management
  • Performance Area 3 – Process, Performance, and Strategic Benchmarking
  • Performance Area 4 – Business Process Reeingineering (BPR)
  • Performance Area 5 – Requirements Analysis
  • Performance Area 6 – Market Research and Prototyping
  • Performance Area 7 – Information and Knowledge Management
  • Performance Area 8 – Custom Application Development
  • Performance Area 9 – Product Integration
  • Performance Area 10 – Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • Performance Area 11 – Asset Management
  • Performance Area 12 – Network Support
  • Performance Area 13 – Cyber Security Assessment and Authorization
  • Performance Area 14 – Information Communications Technology
  • Performance Area 15 – Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Performance Area 16 – Web Services
  • Performance Area 17 – Operations Support
  • Performance Area 18 – IT Support Services
  • Performance Area 19 – Cloud Professional Services

About Team CACI

Key to our organization is the team of companies CACI has assembled to provide high quality products and services. When we selected companies to become part of Team CACI we had three overriding criteria

  1. Unique niche in one or more of the 20 technical task areas
  2. Strong customer advocacy for outstanding solutions and service
  3. Leading edge and proven technology applied to current customer requirements

Team CACI is positioned to deliver outstanding solutions and new customers to Encore III. Our large business teammates include both full service providers and product providers.

Team CACI Capabilities

DISA receives outstanding solutions and achieves success with its customers and Encore III users through Team CACI's simple, laser-like concentration on three areas

  1. A technical approach with a Net-Centric Solutions focus
  2. An operational concept focused on speed of delivery
  3. An approach that leverages a proud history of delivering solutions to the tactical edge

We understand DISA's goals and objectives to focus on information, not just delivery of data; to ensure that this information is delivered to the tactical edge with an emphasis on speed of delivery; and to deliver this information with an overall enterprise view. Team CACI's approach to Encore III not only embraces and supports these goals, but it is based on a strong history of solutions delivery with exactly those areas of focus.

The key attributes of our solution that support each of these focus areas - including dedicated Solution Architects in the PMO, our Net-Centric Solution Framework, our Center of Excellence for Net-Centric Solutions and our strong history of providing quick reaction support to warfighters and their support units on a task order basis - help DISA achieve its goals of rapid and effective delivery of solutions to its customers.


Encore III Team Secure Login

To access the Encore III portal a valid User name and Password are required. To request access contact Bill Mickler.

Points of Contact

William Mickler
Program Manager
Tel: 703-679-3866
Eric Martin
Contracts Manager
Tel: 571-319-1677
Contract Number
Contract Period
11/02/2017 - 03/11/2025 with three one-year options