Aperture, Pointguard, and GEOnet

CACI is an industry leader in interoperable, mission-ready geolocation and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems and services. We provide mission-essential solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community, including programs of record, quick reaction capability, enterprise and tactical edge capabilities, and product lifecycle and operations support. Our expertise is in sensor and platform network integration, application integration, cross domain solutions, and certification and accreditation on operational tactical networks.

TICOM Expertise

CACI provides expertise in research and development, advanced processing, algorithms, and performance modeling and simulation. We offer our customers years of experience in systems development for prototypes and operational systems (spiral development, interoperability, network-centric service-oriented sensor command and control) and provide operations support for fielded systems (training, documentation, technical assistance, and mission planning). As a leader in sensor payload development for aircraft, unmanned vehicles, pods, and ground sensors, we provide full system lifecycle support.


A distinguishing feature of interoperable technology solutions is the ability to operate on tactical communications networks in diverse and sometimes unfavorable communication environments, as well as more sophisticated sensing networks–providing an invaluable tool to the tactical warfighter.

Our technology solutions include:


Aperture is a web-based Joint Interface Control Document (JICD) 4.1 sensor health and status application that interfaces with various data feeds to provide sensor interoperability and also provides time/frequency difference of arrival (T/FDOA) sensor geolocation mission planning. Aperture is used by the U.S. Navy and other DoD customers.

Aperture’s features include:

  • Sensor registration and capability reporting
  • Health and status updates and history
  • Current and planned tasks
  • Mission planning and common operating picture
  • Theater netcentric geolocation planning services
  • Sensor performance modeling
  • CER submission for national tasking
  • Indications and warning and targeting




Pointguard is a web-based JICD 4.1 sensor tasking application that provides the ability for the operator to remotely control tactical and national precision T/FDOA sensors via CACI’s GEOnet software (described in the next section). Pointguard provides audio remoting, T/FDOA geolocation tasking, and sensor power spectral density waterfall displays of JICD 4.1 and JICD 4.2 sensors allowing remote operation of sensors from CONUS ground sites.


  • Sensor agnostic with common remoting services
  • Signal acquisition with sweep/scan, signal recognizer
  • Signal exploitation with audio copy and ONEROOF forwarding, and spectral analysis and signal detection reports
  • Conventional direction finding geo interoperable with SSEE and BORESIGHT
  • Operation via tactical data communications with advanced compression and error recovery and communications monitoring and management


GEOnet is a family of T/FDOA geolocation sensors and systems used by U.S. Navy shipboard and aircraft operators. GEOnet is JICD 4.1-compatible and has been used for over 15 years as a proven operational signal geolocation system. GEOnet sensors are also compatible with JICD 4.2 taskers and sensors through the FASTBREAK JICD 4.1/4.2 adapter.


  • Turnkey geolocation service:
    • Sensors and command nodes
    • Network command and control
    • Geolocation processor
    • Tactically-focused user interface

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