Space Operations and Resiliency


CACI develops and supports the government systems required to launch, operate, and exploit the space battle sphere, from launch and test range systems to national space control networks, operational centers, and operational control nodes.

By applying updated skills, technology, and processes, we drive faster turn-around times and lower total ownership costs (TOC) to the government.

Agile DevOps
With high levels of customer collaboration, quick development cycles, and shortened time-to-release, our Agile engineering and DevOps model results in greater end-user satisfaction, improved cyber security, and significant cost savings.

Algorithm Development
CACI develops algorithms for multiple classified programs. Our Deep Learning platform and algorithms enable object identification and classification from massive volumes of data.

Cloud-Based Solutions
CACI is an official partner of Amazon Web Services, and pioneered the migration to cloud solutions in classified environments. Our solutions provide effective allocation of resources and faster access to critical information.

  • Apps migration and modernization
  • Virtual networking
  • “Anything as a service”
  • Improved cyber posture

Cyber Engineering of Resilient Systems
CACI engineers ground and space systems capable of withstanding cyber attacks. We ensure the functionality of mission-critical components, even in a degraded state.

Deep Learning
CACI develops Deep Learning algorithms and delivers large-scale automation of object detection and classification to classified customers.

Logistics Support
We develop and manage logistics information systems and specialized simulation and modeling toolsets, and provide logistics engineering services. Our solutions optimize policy, processes, operations, and readiness.

  • Integrated, full lifecycle solutions from acquisition to disposal
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved response times

Modernization of Technology and Software
CACI develops cybersecure open-system mission frameworks, applications, and cloud-based solutions that reduce costs and enhance performance.

Network Engineering
We develop and engineer resilient, cybersecure virtual and hardware networks.

Operations and Maintenance Support
CACI space operations and site support teams perform critical activities, including:

  • Ground equipment and communication systems configuration for real-time operations
  • Launch/space vehicle state of health telemetry monitoring
  • Factory and launch base compatibility tests
  • Civil engineering

We also perform essential maintenance activities, such as:
  • Hardware and software systems administration
  • Configuration Management
  • Organizational and depot-level maintenance

CACI develops complex hardware and software simulations for NASA and classified customers. We developed a spacecraft docking system simulation and an analytical software tool that enables rapid high-fidelity math modeling of fluids, thermal, and electrical spacecraft systems. We co-developed the Trick software that enables the rapid creation of high-fidelity simulation of complex spacecraft systems and vehicles, used for the development and operation of spacecraft, and for training NASA astronauts.

We apply our proven development processes to upgrade, refresh, and develop state-of-the-art hardware solutions to address functionality and obsolescence issues. We reduce mission risk and lower costs through:

  • Configuration management tools for identification and control
  • Integrated logistics support for cost-effective system availability
  • Reliable system and launch space vehicle simulations
  • Automated capability and regression testing

System and Product Development
Using an Agile development approach that includes rapid prototyping and spiral development, we quickly field new technologies.

Rapid Prototyping and Spiral Development
Using proprietary Agile processes, CACI provides rapid prototyping of software and systems for a wide range of customers.

RF Collection and Processing
CACI combines digital signals processing and radio frequency (RF) expertise with proven cyber and electronic warfare experience to deliver breakthrough solutions for platform protection and exploitation.

Virtualized Signal Processing
CACI fully transitioned near real-time data acquisition and processing to a virtualized environment. Our integrated virtualization capabilities yield significant capacity savings.