Intelligence Services

Tradecraft Tailored to Operations℠

Using our Tradecraft Tailored to Operations (T3O) framework, CACI’s mission-focused intelligence professionals integrate tradecraft, tools, data, technology, and processes to meet customers’ evolving needs. Our tailored solutions enable decisions and operations at the speed of mission.

Our analysts utilize all intelligence and information sources to enhance situational awareness, combating threats at home and abroad. Our analytical toolsets and processes, as well as our focus on continuous improvement, inform mission planning with accurate, unbiased, and timely actionable intelligence.

Our experts deliver intelligence analysis, operational support, counterintelligence, and other services to help disrupt and defeat adversary networks, protect our forces, and counter asymmetric threats. We are the experts on the ground, working with our solutions providers to help refine the tools and technology needed to meet the ever-changing threat.

Tradecraft Tailored to Operations

T3O is CACI’s enterprise framework for delivering better intelligence, faster. T3O integrates our globally deployable workforce of intelligence professionals, technologists, innovators, and special operators with technology, data, and tradecraft to shrink the timeline from data to decision – improving mission outcomes for our Intelligence Community customers.

Intelligence Analysis and Global Intelligence Operations

We deliver the tools, expertise, and tradecraft needed to provide timely and relevant intelligence to inform decision-makers and influence outcomes. Our teams are skilled in all-source analysis supporting intelligence collection, tasking, exploitation, analysis, dissemination, and visualization to enhance situational awareness.

In addition to intelligence analysis, we provide intelligence support at the strategic and tactical levels. We provide mission engineering, operations support and planning, policy, doctrine, and security support, as well as informational systems operations, mission-essential staffing, and maintenance and sustainment.

Full Motion Video (FMV) and GEOINT Academy

Our FMV analysts provide real-time operational support by monitoring data feeds, interpreting and understanding observed activity, and alerting mission planners and decision-makers.

CACI’s GEOINT Academy provides hands-on, scenario-based instruction in geospatial intelligence disciplines, including FMV analysis. With a curriculum developed by GEOINT professionals who support some of the nation’s most critical and high-profile missions, the CACI GEOINT Academy provides relevant, industry-leading training tailored to the diverse needs of customers.

Language Services

CACI provides all areas of analytic services in native languages. We support collection, processing, analysis, and the creation of analytic products utilizing sources spanning 50+ languages and dialects. Our language analysts translate and transcribe with expertise in the regional and colloquial subtleties of a foreign language, open-source research, target development, and analysis and reporting for the DoD and IC.

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