Modernizing Healthcare to Accelerate Transformation

CACI supports nationwide initiatives to improve healthcare delivery systems, integrate electronic health records, enhance population health, and sharpen emergency responsiveness. We stand ready to:

Integrate health systems to facilitate data sharing. We modernize the healthcare system to support the collection and management of electronic health information, achieve interoperability, ensure data security and integrity, and transform the delivery of care to patients.

Improve cost efficiencies in healthcare. By using data analytics, we can better predict clinical, financial, and operational needs to improve the cost-effectiveness of care, and cut financial waste and fraud.

Mitigate health threats and enable response. We solve challenges in bio-surveillance, outbreak detection, disease prevention systems, medical supply logistics and rapid disaster/emergency response.

CACI has supported response to disasters including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Japanese and Indonesian tsunamis, earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and the Ebola pandemic.

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