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CACI Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

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The Word Is Out About RCM Training

"Our reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) support has helped the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard make huge efficiency gains. Now everyone wants RCM training – from the U.S. Marines to the Federal Aviation Administration and Johnson Controls."

RCM is a methodology used to develop cost effective maintenance that preserves the intended functions of equipment and systems. It is a back to basics, engineered approach to develop or validate preventive maintenance requirements.

Originally conceived by the commercial aviation industry in the mid-1960s, it has been widely accepted as the definitive way to identify the right maintenance by the military and industry alike. RCM optimizes reliability and maintainability thus enabling increased operational availability. RCM will optimize preventive maintenance, thus ensuring the right mix of preventive and corrective maintenance.

RCM – an Engineered, Repeatable Process

  • Incorporates risk analysis and risk management
  • Ensures safety of personnel and equipment
  • Supports mission requirements
  • Protects the environment

By using well defined engineering rules, RCM takes the guess work out of determining maintenance tasks and ensures the correct maintenance is performed… on the right equipment… at the proper time… to prevent failures.

Applying RCM is the initial step in developing a Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) philosophy/program.

Classic RCM

  • A top down approach to identify initial maintenance requirements when little to no operational experience exists for a piece of equipment
  • The classic RCM methodology evaluates
    • What functions does the hardware provide?
    • What failures interrupt those functions?
    • What are the associated risks and consequences of those failures?
    • What maintenance can be done to prevent failures?
  • Classic RCM maintenance tasks maintain inherent equipment reliability and are proven to be effective.

Backfit RCM

  • An RCM process used to review and validate existing maintenance requirements on equipment when operational experience or failure data exists.
  • Backfit RCM provides documented results that are repeatable no matter what type of equipment is analyzed.
  • Continuous process improvement throughout the lifecycle of the system or equipment.

Scalable Process

RCM is scalable from single equipments to entire systems. Typical Backfit RCM analyses sessions review more than 1000 maintenance tasks per week.

RCM Precepts

  Plan (Do the Right Things) Execute (Do Things Right) Institute (Do Things Better)
Maintenance Policy and Strategy Minimize total planning effort. Ensure policy and planning maximizes execution effectiveness, and removes blocks to efficiency. Ensure pieces come together correctly for efficient execution. Establish metrics to measure effectiveness and ensure compliance. Institutionalize feedback from execution to policy. Implement continuous process improvement reviews.
Maintenance Tools Understand core issues and business requirements. Ensure functional requirements support and are driven from core business processes. Adopt, develop and/or refine best practice processes. Select appropriate tools to maximize process effectiveness. Create and institutionalize organization structure for continuous modification and improvement.
Maintenance Education Plan for full training requirements and lifecycle support in all development stages. Develop effective training materials. Train appropriate personnel with applicable knowledge and efficient training strategies. Build self perpetuating capability for training and certification

Our Staff of Instructors Includes Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals

The RCM certification program is readily adaptable

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Classic RCM Training (RCM-CL)
  • Five-day course
  • Two and one-half days on basic RCM theory and classic RCM methodology
  • Two and one-half days of facilitated practical application exercises to reinforce training
Backfit RCM (RCM-BF)
  • Two-day course
  • One-day basic RCM and Backfit methodology
  • One-day applying Backfit methodology to actual legacy maintenance tasks
Maintenance Program – Basis for Creation and Sustainment
  • Combines Classic and Backfit training
  • Two days of basic maintenance discussion and RCM theory including Classic and Backfit
  • Three days of facilitated, tailored application exercises of both methodologies
RCM Train-the-Trainer (RCM-TT)
  • Two-week course designed to equip experienced individuals with the skills needed to conduct Backfit RCM classes
  • In-depth RCM theory and process, in addition to instructional techniques and three days of practice teaching with trained facilitators

All training can be tailored to your specific needs. Facilitated training examples can include your critical equipment

RCM Facilitation Services

  • Experienced RCM trainers/facilitators work with your staff to develop or assess your maintenance program
  • Maintenance Effectiveness Reviews (MERs) conducted on-site

CACI has provided RCM training and facilitation services to the following programs

  • U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Military Sealift Command (MSC)
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • Marine Corps Systems Command
  • USMC Ordnance School, Fort Lee, VA
  • Virginia Class Attack Submarines
  • U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
  • USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23)
  • San Antonio Class ship (LPD-17)
  • Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
  • U.S. Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center
  • U.S. Coast Guard Maintenance and Logistics Centers
  • U.S. Coast Guard Asset Project Office
  • U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter (NSC)
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Italian Navy
  • Royal Saudi Naval Forces

Commercial work includes

  • Major metropolitan newspaper printing presses
  • Several different types of manufacturing plants
  • Energy Industry
  • Wineries and bottling plants
  • Facilities maintenance
From pistons and pumps to electronics and satellite systems...
Whether it's inner or outer space, surface or subsurface...
The CACI RCM team delivers the right "mix of maintenance" for you.

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