CACI Welcomes you to AUSA 2022 Annual Meeting and Exposition
  • Oct. 10-12
  • Walter E. Washington Convention Center | Washington, D.C.
  • Booth 7205

CACI’s experts enable innovation and decision dominance for the Army, no matter the domain, through scalable technologies. Our demonstrated expertise and technology in digital transformation optimize infrastructure and mission-critical systems to rapidly deliver capability, information, and data to soldiers, no matter where they are. CACI’s SMART portfolio provides edge to enterprise cyber resilient connectivity, enables a data-centric approach for distributed command, and converges interoperable sensor integration with all-domain effects from a variety of ground, aerial, and space platforms.

To learn more, visit us on the main floor at booth 7205, Halls D and E, or contact Kevin Farmer to schedule a meeting to learn more about our expertise and technology for national security.

Joint Network Modernization

Commercial Solutions for Classifed (CSfC) and Network Infrastructure

CACI designs, architects, installs and modernizes networks that secure and deliver mission-critical data for customers around the globe. Our unmatched expertise and next-generation technology optimize efficiency, enhance performance, and ensure end-user satisfaction.

CACI has been an NSA-approved Trusted Integrator since 2015 and has developed commercial-based hardware and software solutions that meet NSA classified information assurance standards. Through the CSfC program, CACI experts have delivered innovative technologies for classified use, such as specialized hardware and software, enterprise "grey zone" networks, secure cellular/5G, secure WiFi capabilities, and more.


The Archon Solution Suite is a complete security toolkit that was built based on years of experience in the field. Through the combination of military-grade protection and commercial technology, Archon is a collection of uniquely secure, cutting edge resources that offers cloud connectivity anywhere in the world.

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Mission Applications

Digital Transformation

Using our Agile-at-scale methodologies and deep customer understanding, we modernize applications, infrastructure, and business processes to enhance performance and increase end-user satisfaction. We use advanced data analytics and visualization tools to modernize access to data, enhance productivity, and translate data into decisions. Our solutions include:

DarkBlue Intelligence Suite

CACI's mission-focused technology suite, DarkBlue Intelligence, is coupled with analyst-led training and tailored services that empower customers to effectively operate within hidden portions of the information environment. We illuminate virtual ungoverned environments, enabling defense, security, and intelligence organizations to collect, structure, and prioritize complex data. DarkBlue delivers actionable intelligence and the ability to exploit threats and opportunities with safe, persistent, holistic access to target and track threat actors globally.

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Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2)

CACI's approach to JADC2 enhances both the art and science of decision-making by providing our customers with the ability to connect disparate sensors, shooters, and data from all domains to joint, coalition, and interagency partners. We are at the forefront of developing and integrating capabilities across air, space, land, sea, the electromagnetic spectrum, and cyberspace — helping enable decision dominance.

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Cybersecurity and Cyberspace Operations

CACI advances information protection superiority by helping customers prepare, defend, and sustain the mission and enterprise against cyber threats. Our scientists and engineers develop and deploy new technologies for cybersecurity and cyberspace operations, and our research and development efforts enable mission technology for a range of difficult technical challenges in converged cyber, EW, and SIGINT operations. We protect our customers’ future by security it today.

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Modular Mission Payloads

Electronic Warfare (EW)/Spectrum Dominance Across All Domains

Today’s threats require agile and flexible EW capabilities that evolve at the pace of mission. CACI delivers precision EW technology against adversary electromagnetic spectrum (EMS)-dependent systems. Our software-defined solutions are open, modular, and scalable, ensuring multi-domain dominance. We provide innovative systems that employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to speed detection, identification, decision-making, and mitigation while reducing operator demands. Our engineers are experts in the rapid design and manufacturing of rugged signals intelligence (SIGINT), EW, and cyber operations solutions.  CACI offers world class technical security solutions for EW and EMS operations support, designed to help customers improve communications, protect intellectual property, secure information, and increase mission effectiveness.

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Optical and Photonic Solutions

CACI’s advances in photonics technology, FSO laser communications, sensing, and processing are transforming communications speed, efficiency, and security for many of the Army’s most critical missions. Our Optical and Photonic Solutions team is focused on developing the most advanced photonics-based applications, such as optical modems and terminals; high-power sources for FSO communications and remote sensing; and systems for fixed or mobile, airborne, naval, and space operations. CACI has been developing FSO communications solutions for decades, using the latest in communications, sensing, and processing technologies to solve the toughest mission challenges in SIGINT, radar, sensing, and more.

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Multi-Mission Payload Demonstration Satellite

CACI, in partnership with York Space Systems, developed CACI’s first-ever DemoSat, which will demonstrate the space-based orbit and time synchronization system (SPOTS) multi-mission space technology payload in orbit. The payload will test our advances in alternative positioning, navigation, and timing (APNT) and tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (TacISR) technologies in the contested space domain. SPOTS delivers precise timing and long-term frequency stability more efficiently and effectively than traditional time references or time-sync performance compromises. The DemoSat’s low cost and low size, weight, and power (SWaP) enables precision timing and APNT for multi-domain mission success.

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EO/IR Gyro-Stabilized Imaging Systems

CACI designs and manufactures multi-sensor, gyro-stabilized imaging systems for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, delivering superior daylight and thermal imagery for optimal situational awareness. These systems include: 

Award-Winning C-UAS Systems Reliably Detect, Identify, and Defeat UAS Threats

CACI is an industry leader in developing, deploying, and integrating sophisticated counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) technologies. The globally-deployed SkyTracker® Technology Suite features two capabilities selected for development by the Department of Defense's (DoD’s) Joint C-sUAS Office, CORIAN®, and X-MADIS. SkyTracker also features several additional unique capabilities that detect, identify, track, and mitigate UAS and their operators. These interoperable systems also integrate with multi-INT sensors, as well as kinetic fires. CACI’s C-UAS form factors include:

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