Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT – Mission-Driven IT Modernization.

CACI amplifies efficiency with unmatched expertise and next-generation technology. The largest DoD, IC, and civilian agencies rely on CACI to design, implement, sustain, and manage their secure information technology infrastructure. We deliver cloud-powered technology and infrastructure to optimize efficiency for organizations.

As today’s information, communications, and data requirements continue to increase exponentially, a secure, well-designed IT infrastructure is critical to success. CACI designs, implements, optimizes, sustains, and manages enterprise IT solutions for approximately 50 federal agencies. We help customers adopt and implement virtualized cloud, cyber protection, software-defined solutions, and as-a-service delivery models and mobility, transforming the efficiency, security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of IT services.

At A Glance

  • Cloud-powered technology and infrastructure
  • Secure information technology infrastructure for largest DoD, IC, and civilian agencies
  • Enterprise IT solutions for approximately 50 federal agencies
  • Next-generation network analysis tools and techniques for vulnerability identification
  • Cutting edge early threat detection capabilities