Engineering Services

Engineering Services – We Go Where the Mission Goes.

CACI optimizes and integrates technologies to deliver a decisive tactical edge. We enhance platforms to improve servicemember and unit situational awareness, mobility, interoperability, lethality, and survivability. Our platform-agnostic expertise and mission-first approach delivers optimized system performance and reliability, so our nation’s forces can overmatch our adversaries. Using reverse engineering practices, we conduct vulnerability analysis on commercial- and defense-related software binaries to discover vulnerabilities that may result from poor coding practices, or from purposeful introduction by malicious actors.

At A Glance

  • Platform-agnostic, mission-first approach
  • Domain expertise with a focus on innovation
  • Deep expertise in customer needs allows for informed mission recommendations
  • End-to-end client support from decision-making through final product performance
  • Anticipatory technology and expertise for forward-presence capabilities