CACI NSS, Inc. holds several OASIS contracts, Pools 1, 3, 4, 5A, 5B, and 6.

Under these contracts, CACI NSS, Inc. provides a full range of integrated multiple professional services, while offering contracting officers the flexibility of choosing from all contract types at the task order level: Firm-Fixed Priced, Labor Hour and Cost Reimbursable. The CACI NSS, Inc. OASIS Contracts are designed to provide agencies with one solution to procure integrated professional services including: program management, management consulting, engineering services, scientific services, and logistics services.

The services to be provided under these OASIS contracts are intended to meet the professional service mission requirements of all federal agencies, including all organizations within the Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security Community.


Program Management Services: Program Management Services includes all services related to leading, facilitating, and ensuring the strategic planning, implementation, coordination, integration, and evaluation of programmatic activities and administrative systems. See examples.

Management Consulting Services: Management Consulting Services includes all services related to the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. See examples.

Scientific Services: Scientific Services includes all services that are primarily involved in the application of comprehensive scientific and professional knowledge in planning, conducting, evaluating, and managing fundamental research, knowledge enhancement, and/or technology development and innovation. See examples.

Engineering Services: Engineering Services includes any service or creative work, the adequate performance of which requires education, training and experience in the application of special knowledge in consulting, investigating, evaluating, planning and designing, engineering principles. See examples.

Logistics Services: Logistics Services includes the management of the flow of resources, not only goods, between the point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet the requirements of organizations. Logistics services involve the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging, security, and any other function necessary to the flow of resources. See examples.



OASIS (One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services) is a solutions-based contract providing a multi-disciplined approach to meeting complex government requirements for integrated professional services in the broadest context of the scope of the contract, incorporating all contract types along with ancillary support services and supplies. OASIS provides ease of use for client agencies and maximum flexibility at the task order level.
Benefits of using OASIS include:

  • Supports both commercial and non-commercial requirements
  • Allows all contract types
  • Maximizes opportunities for small businesses
  • Streamlined acquisitions and better accountability
  • Supports customers with a robust Web Library
  • Full-service administrative office for scope reviews and complete lifecycle support
  • Enables agencies to concentrate on their missions rather than the acquisition itself – minimizing unnecessary proliferation of interagency and agency-wide contracts
  • Reduces the lead time and administrative efforts it currently takes agencies to acquire complex professional services
  • Offers on-ramp/off-ramp procedures to ensure a flexible, vibrant vendor pool

To learn more about OASIS, visit the GSA OASIS webpage.

Key Advantages of OASIS

OASIS incorporates the best features of existing GWACs and MACs along with advances in acquisition management:

  • Task orders are competed among world-class providers of OASIS professional services
  • OASIS provides total integrated solutions by offering a broad range of professional and ancillary services
  • Ten-year Multiple Award/Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (MA/IDIQ): five-year base, one five-year option
  • Solutions-based contract to include hardware, software, and other ancillary support for integrated multiple professional services solutions
  • No maximum or contract ceiling for task orders
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
    • OASIS is a family of seven separate multiple-award MA/IDIQ task order contracts that span 28 NAICS Codes and 6 NAICS Code exceptions under the economic subsector 541, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Supports various task order contract types
    • Fixed Price (FPI, FPAF)
    • Cost (CPFF, CPIF, CPAF)
    • Time and Material and Labor Hour
  • For use by federal and DoD agencies with delegation of authority from GSA
  • Ability to support regional and global multiple professional service discipline requirements
  • Increased small business subcontracting goals
  • Top Secret facility clearance required
  • Approved cost accounting system required
  • Task order ordering guide available
  • Agencies can use GSA's assisted services for contract support
  • 0.75% contract access fee

CACI NSS, Inc. OASIS Contracts

Contractor DUNS Number: 136127482

Cage Code: 3HNV7

Prompt Payment Terms: None offered at the vehicle level. At its discretion CACI may include discounts for prompt payment on individual invoices.

Visit the SAM web page at https://www.sam.gov/SAM/, click the Search Records button, enter the DUNS 136127482, and click the Search button to verify that the information is correct.

For more information on OASIS, visit the following pages:

Points of Contact

Ted Buford
Program Manager
Tel: 703-679-4177
Ken Logerwell
Contracts Manager
Tel: 703-679-3406
Contract Period
09/03/2014 - 09/02/2024