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Special Announcement

May 24, 2018

Remembering the Fallen

Today’s military men and women serve in a world of unprecedented threats to our nation. But they have a great advantage in defending our freedoms: They are the finest fighting force in the world.

They are guided by their commitment to their families, each other, and our country. They are dedicated to serving with honor and courage. And in the toughest of times, they make the ultimate sacrifice. It is these fallen American heroes we solemnly remember on Memorial Day.

At CACI, we take pride in knowing the important work we do also serves the nation. We are dedicated to advancing the strengths and capabilities of our government customers as they secure our nation and safeguard our troops.

We hope every American has an enjoyable Memorial Day, and we encourage everyone to participate in holiday activities in your local communities. As Americans, it is our privilege to honor those who have sacrificed to keep our nation safe, and our people free.


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