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Special Announcement

February 16, 2018

CACI Celebrates Presidents’ Day

Presidents' Day celebrates George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, courageous leaders who shared an unwavering belief in democratic ideals.

Washington, America’s first commander-in-chief, led a revolutionary army to victory against a powerful colonial empire, then presided over a struggling young nation. Lincoln battled to abolish slavery and unify our country in the face of a bitter civil war. Their resolute determination contributed to the foundation of the democratic ideals our nation upholds today.

The unity of purpose that Lincoln and Washington embodied rings especially true for us at CACI. We are united behind our shared culture of good character and innovation. We are committed to serving our nation as an industry leader where outstanding professionals build meaningful careers. Our dedicated focus on our customers’ missions helps sustain America’s vital role in the world and the very same democratic ideals that Presidents Washington and Lincoln fought so hard to create, and to preserve.

We salute U.S. presidents, past and present, and the long legacy of freedom and democracy they are sworn to protect.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

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