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Special Announcement

September 18, 2017

CACI Celebrates 70 Years of the United States Air Force

For 70 years, the United States Air Force has ensured the safety of America's ground troops in missions around the world. The sound of U.S. Air Force planes is a welcome symbol of hope to ground troops in combat, besieged peoples, and refugees of war-torn nations. It is a sound that delivers hope and the knowledge that help is on the way.

The Air Force has a broad mission – the global reach of its air power enforces freedom of the skies, delivers humanitarian relief to those in need no matter where, and is the foundation of two legs of the nuclear triad – the ICBM and the nuclear bomber. It protects space, executes countless airlift operations, and is at the forefront of the 21st century battlefield in the protection of America's cyber assets.

CACI has a long legacy of association with the US Air Force – we have been supporting them for 45 years. Our cutting-edge solutions in support of their most critical missions include communication tools and resources in support of complex, highly-coordinated operations, intelligence systems and support, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, as well as cyber security support and logistics and material readiness. Our innovation, integrity, and commitment to excellence make us an ideal partner as America's airmen and women protect our nation, our values, and our skies.

In addition to our legacy of long-standing support, we are proud to announce that Dr. Lani Kass, CACI Senior Vice President and Corporate Strategic Advisor, will be recognized for her breakthrough role in advancing innovation in cyber security by the Air Force Association as part of its #70for70 campaign (70 airmen for 70 years) at the Air Force 70th Birthday Dinner this Monday, September 18th. As Special Assistant to the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff and Director of the U.S. Cyber Task Force, Dr. Kass developed the concepts that led to the establishment of the U.S. Cyber Command and continue to underpin U.S. Cyber strategy. We are honored to have Dr. Kass at CACI; her vision, dedication to innovation, and integrity in pursuit of national security are at the foundation of CACI's mission.

Happy Birthday to the United States Air Force – Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win!

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