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Special Announcement

June 14, 2017

CACI Honors the United States Flag on Flag Day

Two hundred and forty years after the Second Continental Congress first passed the resolution to create a flag for the new nation, the Stars and Stripes still fly proudly as a symbol of freedom throughout the world. We look to our flag in times of both peace and conflict to remind us of the values we hold as Americans – Peace, Liberty, and Justice for all. Defying gravity on the moon, the flag represents American determination and innovation, and in impoverished nations, of generosity and empathy. Freedom comes in many colors – for us they are red, white, and blue.

While our flag has changed over time, from the original 13 stars representing the first colonies, to the 50 we have now, it stands in resolute defiance of those who would deny freedom to people around the world. The brave men and women who serve under its colors daily, defending what our nation holds dearest, look to the flag as a symbol of American courage and a reminder of home and family.

We at CACI honor our flag this Flag Day, June 14, 2017, and we remain Ever Vigilant of the values it represents to people here at home and around the globe.

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