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Special Announcement

September 13, 2017

CACI Launches into Space Defense

The constellation of satellites orbiting the planet plays a vital role in ensuring our way of life - from GPS tracking, to worldwide communications, to support for national defense - so ensuring the resiliency of the U.S. space enterprise is a national imperative.

With so much at stake, CACI is applying its proven expertise in space defense, space operations, and cybersecurity to support customers in managing and mitigating risks associated with launching, maintaining, and defending space enterprise assets both in orbit and on the ground.

The mission is complex, as there are thousands of objects in orbit, and threats can be both nefarious and accidental. Managing our constellation requires immense computational power, precision, speed, and responsiveness. To answer the call, CACI has created solutions and capabilities for space protection, mission management, and operations and resiliency, leveraging expertise in technologies that include digital signal processing, deep learning, and cyber analytics. These solutions optimize the use of space assets to support national security missions while reducing the time necessary for decision making and action.

With defense resources stretched by years of military engagement, CACI supports launch and sustainment operations with an Agile engineering and DevOps model that ensures resources remain properly aligned to evolving national priorities. By shortening development and release cycles, and automating testing across networks, CACI's engineers produce integrated, secure solutions at significant cost savings.

As threats proliferate, CACI is pioneering solutions that support our nation's dominance of the space domain, now and in the future

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