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Special Announcement

October 13, 2017

CACI Celebrates 242 Years of U.S. Navy Excellence

Honor. Courage. Commitment. For 242 years, the United States Navy has upheld these core values – values demonstrated repeatedly throughout our history. From the fledgling Continental Navy defending our new nation, to vast fleets of modern vessels waging global battles. From securing international waterways in the Gulf of Aden to delivering a floating hospital in the Caribbean, the Navy is a global presence, universally recognized for her valor, integrity, and dedication to the defense and protection of freedom everywhere.

CACI is proud of our long relationship with the Navy. Our first contract as a company was to research and simulate inventory operations for the Navy’s Ships Parts Control Center in Mechanicsburg, PA in 1963, and we have been a steadfast Navy partner ever since.

We now provide the Navy with a wide spectrum of advanced technological services and solutions, including combat systems, cyber security, logistics, intelligence, networks, and communications. Innovation and commitment to mission success are at the core of our relationship – we are honored to serve as a trusted advisor as the Navy confronts 21st century adversaries on the water and in cyberspace. We remain ever vigilant that her sailors return safe and victorious from their critical missions.

CACI shares the Navy’s commitment to ethics, integrity, and always doing the right thing and, like the men and women of the Navy, we believe that these values are the key to success.

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy.


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