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Special Announcement

February 15, 2016

CACI Celebrates Presidents' Day, 2016

On the Great Seal of the United States is the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum – out of many, one. It is particularly appropriate to remember that phrase on this President's Day, not only because of its importance to America and her history but because of its particular timeliness for CACI.

CACI recently completed the largest acquisition in our history, National Security Solutions, and we have welcomed nearly 4,000 new members to the CACI team. Now with 20,000 dedicated, talented professionals, CACI is one company formed of many people. We are all responsible for our company, for its successes as well as for its failures. We all have to do our part to deliver operational excellence, win new business, and drive our company's success.

Maintaining unity of vision and purpose has not always been easy. If we look at America's own history we see examples in the careers of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whom we celebrate today. In 1775, the 13 bickering, fractious delegations to the Continental Congress unanimously appointed George Washington as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. He held the Continental Army together, and helped Congress keep the fledgling nation together, as it fought for its independence. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln inherited a nation bitterly divided, yet he and his "Team of Rivals" held to their mission, and through their perseverance ensured that "government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth."

The unity of purpose that Lincoln and Washington fostered was crucial to their success, and to the nation's future prosperity, and it is the same way for CACI. We all have our parts to play, but we are still one company, focused on delivering long-term value to our customers and our shareholders.

Happy Presidents' Day!


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