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Special Announcement

November 9, 2016

CACI Celebrates 241st Birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps

Semper Fidelis! Since 1775, the United States Marine Corps has been Always Faithful to their core values of honor, courage, and commitment. We see honor in protecting civilians from war in South Sudan. We find courage in the award of a Silver Star for an action that saved many lives. We learn about commitment in direct fire training, where Marines develop vital battlefield skills.

CACI is proud to support the Marines, who are expected to "epitomize that which is good about our nation and personify the ideals on which it was founded." We share those values at CACI, where our culture of good character, integrity, and ethics guides our actions and assures our customers – like the Marines – that they can trust CACI to support their most critical missions.

We work hard every day to ensure that Marines have the material and systems to carry out their missions effectively, no matter where they are around the globe. Our IT solutions provide a solid foundation for Marine Corps business intelligence, and we help keep Marine lives safe and mission ready with state-of-the-art surveillance and reconnaissance technology. CACI remains Ever Vigilant in support of Marine lives and missions.

Please join us this November 10th in wishing a happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps. We thank them for 241 years of faithful, honorable, and courageous service!


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