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Special Announcement

June 30, 2016

CACI Celebrates Independence Day

This July 4th, our nation celebrates 240 years of independence. To many of us, it's also a celebration of America's world leadership as a force for freedom. Americans have defended our country's democratic values in multiple wars and against terrorist threats, and we ally with other nations to preserve world peace.

At CACI, we're honored to support our nation's global leadership.

CACI's solutions and services support military men and women fighting for freedom abroad, over the seas, and in the skies. Our technologies protect troops in harm's way and support them from enlistment through veteran status. Our tools and analytics provide critical intelligence that helps national decision-makers respond to everything from terrorist threats to natural disasters. And our innovations enhance the way government does business and delivers services that range from healthcare to the protection of national airspace.

Amid the fireworks and celebration this Independence Day, let's all remember the struggle that gave birth to our nation, celebrate the freedoms America stands for, and take pride in supporting our nation.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


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