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Special Announcement

September 10, 2015

CACI Commemorates 9/11

On Patriot Day, the White House flag will be flown at half-staff, as will flags at all U.S. government buildings. Americans across the country will mark the occasion by visiting memorials in New York City, the District of Columbia, and Stony Creek, Pennsylvania, and remembering in their own unique ways those lost and injured. CACI also remembers September 11.

When tragedy struck the Pentagon, CACI employees were there performing routine support for our Department of Defense customers. Just a short time later, many were helping to evacuate survivors. At the State Department, a CACI team went into action to maintain vital emergency communications. In New Jersey, CACI employees watched the smoke rising from lower Manhattan in horror, and later assisted first responders in the aftermath of the Twin Towers’ collapse.

That day, America was reminded of the brutal truth that the world is a dangerous place. In the fourteen years since 9/11, it seems only to have gotten more dangerous, the threats more sophisticated, and the enemies more elusive.

Every day we read about fresh cyber attacks on federal data networks, new physical attacks on American soldiers, and senseless terrorist attacks on innocent victims in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and around the world. And every day, CACI vigilantly supports the critical missions our customers undertake to counter these threats and protect our freedoms.

At CACI, we know that vigilance is the price for the security and liberty we hold dear. We stand ready to assist our customers whenever and wherever they need us, proud to help ensure the U.S. remains strong in spirit, determined in resolution, and a beacon of freedom for all.


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