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Special Announcement

Marines Take to Character

CACI Executive Chairman Dr. J.P. London Speaks to Over 450 Students and Faculty at Quantico

Photo courtesy MCU Foundation During his presentation at Marine Corps University, Dr. London pointed to good character as a necessary centerpiece of strong organizational cultures, such as those shared by CACI and the Marine Corps.

CACI Executive Chairman Dr. J.P. (Jack) London found a warm and receptive audience of over 450 students and faculty at the Marine Corps University (MCU) in Quantico, Va. when he was invited to the campus as part of its General Graves B. Erskine Distinguished Lecture Series.

At the March 31st presentation, Dr. London discussed the common challenges facing organizations like CACI and the Marines Corps. Strong, character-based cultures offer the best foundation to meet these challenges, grow, and succeed, he stated.

During his talk, Dr. London recalled the words of the University's founder, General Alfred M. Gray, USMC (Ret.). In the 1989 Marine Corps' Fleet Marine Force Manual, General Gray wrote: "This book does not contain specific techniques and procedures for conduct. Rather, it provides broad guidance in the form of concepts and values. It requires judgment in application."

Photo courtesy MCU Foundation Welcoming Dr. London to the Marine Corps University were, from left, MCU Foundation President and CEO Brigadier General Thomas V. Draude, USMC (Ret.) and MCU President Brigadier General Helen G. Pratt, USMC.

Twenty-five years later, Dr. London's book, Character: The Ultimate Success Factor, has the same purpose in mind. Instead of providing a how-to-guide, he presents character concepts and emphasizes that people must use their own judgment to act with good character to ultimately be successful.

Always Faithful, "Ever Vigilant"

CACI and the Marines also share a similar approach to dealing with today's national crisis of character: creating and sustaining a steadfast, ethical organizational culture. This is a key line of defense in preventing ethical lapses and perpetuating behaviors that lead to success, according to Dr. London. In the Marines Corps, that culture is represented in the motto Semper Fidelis � "Always faithful." And at CACI, our culture is represented in the motto "Ever Vigilant."

Dr. London also has a personal connection to the Marine Corps motto: Last year, he was presented with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation's Semper Fidelis Award for his faithful service to the nation.

The character talk and call to action resonated so well that many attendees were eager to speak afterwards with Dr. London. He also met with MCU President Brigadier General Helen G. Pratt, USMC; members of MCU executive leadership and faculty; and MCU Foundation President and CEO Brigadier General Thomas V. Draude, USMC (Ret.).

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