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Special Announcement

February 17, 2014

CACI Celebrates Presidents' Day, 2014

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln � two giants who helped shape our nation�s history.

The general, who would become our nation�s first president, led a revolutionary army into battle and ultimate victory against the world�s most powerful colonial empire.

The Illinois lawyer, who would become our 16th president, sought a just peace after a cruel Civil War, lifted the stain of slavery from America�s fabric, and died at the hands of an assassin.

From their noble efforts, there emerged a common truth: freedom and democracy are the threads that continue to unite the nearly 320 million people who make up our great nation.

Looking back at the lives of these two men, we should take inspiration from their demonstrated character, their undying faith in our democracy � and their determination to make the unique concept of �America� become a reality that motivates people from around the world.

CACI salutes them and the other men who have held the title of Commander-in-Chief.

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