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Special Announcement

September 1, 2014

CACI Marks Labor Day 2014

The American worker is responsible for so much of the unique strength, leadership, and character of our country. The productivity and innovation of our labor force is part of what makes the United States a world leader.

Labor Day was originally a creation of labor organizations, first celebrated in New York on September 5, 1882. This "workingmen's holiday" was set as the first Monday in September in 1884, with Congress choosing the same day when it was declared a legal holiday on June 28, 1894.

While Labor Day has turned away from it early focus on union workers, parades, and speeches, it still marks an important date on the U.S. calendar. The holiday is seen by many as a chance to spend time with family and as an unofficial end to summer, as it marks the last day of vacation for many students across the nation.

This Labor Day, we salute all Americans workers for their hard work and contributions to the growth of our great nation.

Happy Labor Day from CACI!

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