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Ever Vigilant

What Began in 2003 Has Come to Mean Much More: Ever Vigilant

Ever Vigilant. We established these words in 2003 as both our motto and tagline to the CACI logo. It distinguishes our brand externally to our competitors, customers, and shareholders, and is the central element of our unique CACI Culture.

For our clients, our motto conveys CACI’s commitment to their success and being diligent in meeting their needs in an ever-changing world. For the people who represent CACI daily, it’s a statement about how we value their dedication and performance.

America’s veterans know us, too. For them, Ever Vigilant is a pledge to support them when in need and provide career opportunities for civilian life. For the communities in which we live and work, it says we will be vigilant in volunteering and supporting community events. And for shareholders and the financial community, our motto affirms that CACI will focus on returning value on their investment and acting with honesty and integrity in all we do.

Today, our motto has come to mean much more. Ever Vigilant addresses the threats in this dangerous world. Recent events reconfirm that our safety cannot be taken for granted. Success in our clients’ missions is critical for the security of the American people and even people around the world. Ever Vigilant is our personal commitment to support our nation and protect our freedoms. At CACI, this is a responsibility we proudly accept!

This is the way CACI has operated from the very first. We are fortunate to have such an appropriate motto, and we plan to keep it for a very long time.

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