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Next Gen Technology Solutions for Law Enforcement

When federal, state and local agencies need to expedite case investigations in the pursuit of justice, they often run into a daunting challenge – extracting, organizing and analyzing terabytes of data from a multitude of digital devices including computers, servers, cameras and mobile cellular phones. This content, representing a wide range of documents, images, videos, emails, texts and web searches, can challenge even the most experienced group of investigators. However, discovering the digital trail is only the beginning. Even more critical is the need to ensure evidence is handled in a secure, legal and defensible manner.

CACI's Digital Forensics Laboratory (CDFL) delivers a wide range of computer, mobile device, and audio / video forensics services supporting investigation and litigation, eDiscovery, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), cybersecurity, and intelligence projects. One of only six private digital forensics labs in the U.S. with ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation, CDFL is the first to provide government agencies with investigative and evidence management capabilities that fully comply with Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Security Policies.

With the use of body-worn cameras (BWC) and other forms of video surveillance by law enforcement on the rise, CDFL recently launched a suite of CJIS-compliant services for federal, state and local agencies in order to help them manage the increasing volume. These include Redaction as a Service (RaaS), an on-demand service providing video, audio and document redaction in support of FOIA requests, criminal and internal investigations and judicial requirements. Performed on an as-needed basis, RaaS provides end users with a high quality, cost-efficient and legally defensible means to securely review and redact digital content without the burden of pulling Officers or IT staff away from mission critical tasks. Other on-demand services CDFL offers include digital forensics, evidence collection and analysis, investigation, and long-term digital evidence management and storage (DEMS).

As the Internet of Things (IoT) world expands and more content is stored on more devices, digital forensics and advanced analytics will play an ever-increasing role in law enforcement investigations. Through a secured client-specific portal that CDFL creates, law enforcement agencies have a reliable and trusted partner that is ever vigilant in providing technology tools to arm them in an evolving digital world.

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