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Platform Cyber Resiliency: The Hackers Are Here - U.S. Military Platforms Are At Riskā€¦

Is the Department of Defense concerned about cyber attacks on our critical infrastructure and systems? You bet they are. This past summer a 25-year-old British hacker was found guilty of breaking into a U.S. military communications system and stealing data from 30,000 satellite phones, costing the Pentagon over $620,000 to repair.

According to a February 2017 Defense Science Board Task Force Report on Cyber Deterrence, The DoD must devote urgent and sustained attention to boosting the cyber resilience of select U.S. strike systems (cyber, nuclear, non-nuclear) and supporting critical infrastructure. Cyber resilience is the concept that a system can continue to operate and support its mission in the face of a cyber attack. Within CACI's Cyber Security market there are two organizations that are focused on the cyber resilience challenges. CACI's Cyber Development Group and Digital Signal Processing Group are collaborating to address this national security priority with unique expertise and proven technologies to keep America's soldiers safe and ready for any mission.

Backed by decades of cyber operations experience and proficiencies in radio frequency (RF) and digital signals processing, CACI Cyber Warriors can inventory, assess, discover, and mitigate vulnerabilities from both a cyber and RF perspective. CACI's Cyber Assessment Framework has been deployed to help our customers identify and mitigate cyber risks. Our Cyber Mission Thread Analysis (CMTA) tool powered by our Universal Composable Visualizer (UCV) provides our customers with a window to peer into critical weapon system platforms, their components, threats, and mitigation strategies.

CACI's Cyber Assessment framework is applicable to platforms across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace domains. This framework is built on our exploitation capabilities that span the spectrum of offensive cyber operations, and include Wi-Fi collection, access point attack and exploitation, multi-domain intelligence collection, virtual operations, Android and iOS development, and other related full-spectrum cyber core infrastructure.