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RM Online General Information, Tips
  • Because the application is web-based use single mouse clicks.
  • All fields labeled in red are required. You must enter a value to proceed.
  • Generally speaking, complete fields, pick lists and drop-downs from top left to bottom right as you would read the page of a book. Many times the next pick list is determined by the choice you made on the previous pick list.
  • To bring up a pick list simply left click in the blank field. If you cannot see the pick list check the task bar on the bottom of your screen.
  • To select multiple items you can
    • Simply click and drag your mouse to select a block
    • Use the Shift key and mouse to select a block
    • Use the Ctrl key and mouse to stagger selections
  • To minimize all windows at once (to get to your desktop) hold down the Windows button (to the left of your spacebar) and click the M key.
  • RM Online is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. To set the screen resolution
    • Go to your desktop and right click on an open area (not on an icon)
    • Click Properties and select the Settings tab
    • At the bottom right you'll see a slider for screen resolution. Use your mouse to move the slider to 1024 x 768
    • Click OK for the setting to take effect
  • Do not use special characters such as quotes, asterisks, etc. in any remarks fields or report titles.
  • The Back buttons at the bottoms of pages are tied to specific URLs within the system, generally the next level up in the navigational hierarchy. The browser Back button in the top menu bar is a page back function. Use this button if you want to return to a filter page. Sometimes previously chosen filter options will remain in place and sometimes they will not - this is dependent upon your browser settings.
  • RM Online uses extensive JavaScript. When you use the browser page Back button in the top menu bar you will often get a message that the page has expired. To refresh the page you are on right click your mouse and choose the refresh option.
  • When you use the refresh button in the top menu bar you will always be routed to the module homepage and away from the current page.
  • Some sections of RM Online use Java applets. Java must be enabled on your PC for the system to function properly. If Java is not enabled on your computer ask your system administrator for help enabling Java.
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