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RM Online Personnel Management

No other resource management system can deliver a total online solution for budget, spaces and faces. CACI's RM Online integrates all aspects of resource management to simplify processes and provide you with the power you need to take control of your resources.

RM Online's Personnel Management system enables you to maintain individual employee information at the field level while offering full visibility to command leaders. Strong reporting and analytical tools help you maximize strength, forecast and avoid future shortages, and identify myriad discrepancies. You can do all this and more through our secure, single source system.

System Features

  • One system, single source access to multiple databases, including officer and civilian personnel databases
  • Command-wide visibility of detailed employee information (with appropriate permissions)
  • Manning document versus personnel discrepancy reporting tools
  • Statistical management reporting tools
  • Personnel strength reporting tools
  • Task and role driven access to protect sensitive data

System Functions

  • Maintain personnel data at a local level
  • View personnel data from the top down (command-wide visibility) with dynamic search capabilities
  • Compare local data to legacy systems to identify and correct discrepancies
  • Compare current, accurate personnel data against manning documents
  • Identify hiring opportunities to the exact position
  • Forecast civilian retirement rates

Approved TDA_Personnel Output Data Analysis screen

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